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How long did Cain beat his brother?

As long as he was Abel.

Who was the first man diagnosed with erectile dysfunction?


He wasn't Abel.

Who killed 25% of the world's population during his time?


Cain joke, Who killed 25% of the world's population during his time?

Cain, son of Adam, had a shit load of responsibilities.

Aside from being a farmer Cain was supposed to murder his brother and do a whole slew of other shit so that future generations could learn from his mistakes. The lord felt pity for Cain's workload and assigned another human to shoulder some of the load. He called him co-cain. Co-cain helped him get shit done.

Why couldn't Adam stop Cain from killing his brother?

Because he wasn't Abel.

"I accept your sacrifice."

Good news, if your name is Cain.

Bad news, if your name is Abraham.

Tremendous news, if your name is Mikhail Tal.

The reason Cain commited murder

He was going to stop, but he wasn't Abel.

Cain joke, The reason Cain commited murder

Herman Cain is going to find out about the Coronavirus 5x5x5 plan.

Positive test within 5 days of TrumpRallyTulsa

He spread Coronavirus to least 5 of his friends

He only has 5 minutes left of his 15 minutes of fame

What do you call it when Cain insults his brother?


Why couldn't Cain make God love him?

Because he wasn't *able*

How long did Cain hate his brother? As long as he was Abel.

Thank you.

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"The Bible for $500 Alex"

Alex: The moral in Genesis

"What is don't walk with a Cain if you're Abel?"

Alex: We'll accept that

When Adam and Eve found out that Abel was dead

they raised Cain.

Is an evil adorabel person

A window Cain

Why couldn't Cain make offerings to God as well as his brother?

Because he just wasn't Abel.

How do you get pickled bread?

With dill-dough.
Credit goes to a J. Cain

Cain joke, How do you get pickled bread?

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