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How does a Mexican cut a pizza?

With *little* *caesars*

How do you split Rome in half?

You use a pair of caesars.

How was the Roman Empire cut in half?

With a pair of caesars.

Caesars joke, How was the Roman Empire cut in half?

What did the Ancient Romans use to cut their hair?


How do you divide old Rome?

Using a pair of Caesars.

After recently getting into dating apps I came to the conclusion that Tinder is a lot like Little Caesars...

if you want it hot and ready, you're gonna have to take a hit on quality

What do Mexicans use to cut there pizza?

Little Caesars.

Caesars joke, What do Mexicans use to cut there pizza?

What do midgets use to cut their pizza coupons?

Little Caesars

^^I'm ^^sorry

How do Mexicans cut their pizza?

With little Caesars.

Credit goes to Burnie Burns who told this joke on a podcast.

How does a Roman Emperor divide his empire?

He uses his Caesars.

What do you call Italian children with epilepsy?

Little Caesars

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The only way to cut ancient Rome in half is

A pair of Caesars

What do Romans use to cut their pizza?

Little Caesars.

How did Diocletian cut the Roman Empire into 2 empires?

By using Caesars.

How was rome split in two?

With a pair of caesars

I like my girls like I like my little Caesars pizza

Hot and ready when I walk in

Caesars joke, I like my girls like I like my little Caesars pizza

What do south americans use to cut pizza?

Little caesars

My Mexican friend

My Mexican friend asked me, What do Mexicans cut their pizza with? I asked, What? He said, Little Caesars!

Little caesars in Ferguson's

Is hot and ready

How do you cut a pizza shop in half?

with Little Caesars.

Why did the senator ask for a knife for his salad?

Because he wanted to stab his Caesars.

Why did the pizza company pull out from marathon sponsorships?

Because it's not smart to run with Little Caesars

What to italian midgets cut themselves with the most often?

Little caesars.

What restaurant is perfect for a micro casino?

Little Caesars

What did Ancient Rome cut their pizza with?

Little Caesars.

Did you know the Little Caesars franchise was named after the owners epileptic son?

He was always having little seizures.

The Dirtiest Dad Joke

Every time my dad drives by a Little Caesars Pizza he says
"5 dollars hot and ready....I used to know a girl like that" he says it EVERY TIME and thinks he's hillarious

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