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Any salad can be a Caesar salad.

If you stab it enough.

Did you know that if you stab a salad 23 times,

It becomes a Caesar Salad

What do you call those dead pieces of green stuff left in the bottom of a bowl of Caesar salad?

The last romaines. Now lettuce pray for them.

How do you turn a garden salad into a caesar salad?

Stab it a bunch of times.

I got stabbed by my friends at lunch today

Guess I shouldn't have ordered the Caesar salad

I made a Salad for 23 people to destroy

It was a Caesar salad

What did Shakespeare eat for lunch?

Caesar salad.

Any salad can be a Caesar salad

so long as you stab it enough times.

What do you call a Chicken staring at lettuce?

Chicken Caesar Salad

There was once a chicken who was in a loving relationship with a salad. Unfortunately, the salad died and went to heaven. A few years later, the chicken got run over trying to cross the road. The chicken died and went to heaven.

Finally, the chicken Caesar salad.

How do you make any salad into a caesar salad?

Stab it 23 times.

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What were Julius Caesar's dying words?

name... a salad.... after me...ahhh

Want to know how you make any salad into a caesar salad?

Stab it twenty-three times.

What do you call a Chicken with lettuce on its eyes?

Chicken Caesar salad.

I have done some research, and discovered what food you are most likely to die of a heart attack.

"Caesar Salad."


What did Octavian say when he stormed Cleopatra's gardens?

Caesar salad

A Caesar salad walks in to a bar

A piece of Romaine stabs him in the back

You can make any salad jnto a Caesar salad.

You just gotta add 23 knives.

How does Brutus eat his salad?

With a knife and Caesar dressing.

I saw a cockerel in a store looking at the tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce...

I knew what it was - it was a chicken Caesar salad. (chicken sees a salad).

Caesar and Brutus decided to have lunch together.

They meet in front of the restaurant and Caesar sees a big knife in Brutus' hand.

β€žWhy do you have a knife with you? he asks.

Brutus answers: β€žit's for the salad later

A waiter asked me if I would try their new "Brutus dressing" with my caesar salad.

I declined, telling him that I thought the dressing backstabbed the whole meal.

What do you get when a samurai crosses swords with a Roman dictator?

A Caesar salad.

Happy belated Ides of March, everybody!

What do you call a salad that looks like it was repeatedly impaled by knives

Caesar salad.

The police tried to raid a food smuggling operation today.

Unfortunately, they only managed to Caesar salad.

How you convert a regular salad to a Caesar salad?

You stab 23 times!

What do you call it when a chicken sees a salad?

A Chicken Caesar salad

With Romaine lettuce being gone...

it's safe to say that Caesar, emperor of salads, has fallen with the great Romaine empire.

What did the tainted Caesar salad say to the raw vegetable slices also being recalled?

Et tu crudite'

How do you make a Caesar salad?

You need to make a normal salad then stab it with a salad fork 23 times.

What was Shakespeare's favorite type of salad?


What do you call a head of lettuce when you stab it repeatedly?

A Caesar salad

Why did the senator ask for a knife for his salad?

Because he wanted to stab his Caesars.

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