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A doctor presents some medical students with a cadaver

A doctor presents some medical students with a corpse. He tells them 'It is important to be comfortable with the cadaver'.

He briefly inserts his finger into the naked corpse's anus. He then licks his finger. He instructs the students to do the same. One by one they reluctantly do the same.

After they are done, the doctor says, 'It is important to watch carefully. I inserted my index finger and licked my ring finger.'


My grandmother, 86 years old, just entered medical school.

She's a cadaver, and she is living death to the fullest.


A surgeon is taking a class of trainees to see a cadaver for the first time...

He tells them that it's really important that they familiarize themselves with the corpse, so he says "Do exactly as I do."

He then sticks his finger into the dead guys anus, pulls it out and sucks on it.

Then he lines up the students and says "Now your turn."

Obediently, one by one, grimacing as they do, they all in turn, put their fingers in the guys ass and then suck on them.

Once they all complete the task, the surgeon says "It's also important that you learn to be observant. I put my ring finger in his ass and my index finger in my mouth."


A doctor ordered a cadaver...

...for his med students to dissect. When it arrived, the doctor noticed it was missing an organ.

I guess you could say his package was de-livered. ^I'm^sorry


When that guy has sex with his wife on a motorcycle he's "cool."

When I do it I'm "absconding with the cadaver."


What do you call a dead magician?

Abra Cadaver.


"Hey man, you want this body?" Asked the serial killer.

"Nah, you cadaver."


What would you get if Harry Potter tried to kill Darth Vader?

*A Vader Cadaver*


New medical students

A group of doctors in training and their teacher are standing in a circle in the lab around a cadaver. The teacher tells his students:

"it's very important that you feel completely at ease with the corpse", so he puts his finger up the ass of the corpse, takes it out and licks it. "Your turn now" he tells his students.

And they do it, one after another they all put their finger up the ass of the corpse and lick it.

When the last student has done it, the teacher has one final thing to say: "it's also important that you observe carefully what I do. I inserted my index finger and licked my MIDDLE finger. Try to pay attention next time..."


My grandmother is an inspiration! At 84 years old she went to medical school.

She's a cadaver.


What do you get when you use the 3rd Unforgivable Curse on a pornstar?

Erotic cadaver.


Why did the jealous coroner kill his girlfriend?

So he cadaver all to himself.


I keep getting threatened by a dead woman...

Reckon I cadaver though.


I haven't been into sex anymore since my wife died.

But you cadaver.


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