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Why didn't the cactus have friends?

He was a bit of a prick.


2 cactuses are talking to each other

One of them asks the other, "Hey, do you know how to speak the human language?"

To which he responds, "yeah it's easy, they always say ouch!"


Why can't you go out with a cactus???

He's a bit of a prick


Why did the cactus have no friends?

Because he was a no-pal.


What does a cactus and politics have in common?

it's all pricks


What did the cactus say to his wife?

'Aloe Vera!


What does a cactus smell like when you get close?

It smells like blood.


Where did the cactus go for an abortion?

Plant Parenthood


What do a cactus and an incel convention have in common?

They both have a ton of pricks.


If you can't keep a cactus alive..

You should probably reconsider having children.


So a cactus walks into a bar and shouts "BOO"

Everyone then got really...pricky


If one cacti is a cactus, is a single broccoli a broccolus?

Just some food for thought.


What did the cactus say to the lady?

"I spiked your drink."


What do male porcupines say when they see a female porcupine with a great butt?

Cact ass.


What do BMW's and a cactus have in common.

Only one has their pricks on the outside.


Why did the Cactus get his girlfriend pregnant?

All of his condoms were poked full of holes.


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