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Did you hear about the new Mike Tyson computer?

It has two bytes and no memory

['90s] I just got a new computer.

It's called "The Tyson." It comes with two bytes and no memory.

How do you send a sandwich to someone on a computer?

in bytes

Bytes joke, How do you send a sandwich to someone on a computer?

How do you email a sandwich?

In bytes.

*Ba dum tss*

"I'm so sorry, my dog ate my homework." Rolling his eyes, my computer science professor shot back, "Really?! Your dog ate your coding assignment?"

"Well, to be perfectly honest, it did take him a couple bytes."

Why was the first computer never invited to dinner?

It would just take a few bytes then run.

Eight bytes walk into a bar...

Eight bytes walk into a bar. The bartender asks, Can I get you anything?

Yeah, reply the bytes. Make us a double.

Bytes joke, Eight bytes walk into a bar...

I ate my roommates 1TB hard drive

Wasn't easy, it took 1000000000000 bytes

How did my computer eat the programming assignment?

It took a couple bytes.

How does software eat it's food?

By taking large bytes!

what do you call a really small computer file full of pastry recipes?

Little bytes

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A sculptor made a beautiful hard drive from mahogany...

but it was all bark and no bytes

How much food does a software engineer eat a day?

A couple of bytes

What do you get when you try to cross a pit bull and a computer?

A lot of bytes.

A robot walks into a fancy restaurant and refuses to pay

It ran out of cache and it wasn't worth a few bytes.

What does my anorexic girlfriend have in common with my secure Dropbox?

They both have 0 bytes in 'Public'.

Bytes joke, What does my anorexic girlfriend have in common with my secure Dropbox?

Have you heard about the Mike Tyson computer?

It comes with two bytes and no memory.

My friend has a band called "1023 Mega Bytes"

They havn't had a gig yet.

Why is the computer so aggressive?

It bytes

Your mama so FAT32

She always takes 4096 bytes

What does an electric dog do?

IT bytes

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