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A husband and wife are in a car crash

They are both badly injured, but recover soon enough. However, the wife's face was badly injured during the crash and she needs a skin graft to replace the skin on her cheeks.

The doctor says "The good news is, we know just the place to find the skin for your cheeks." He turns to the husband and says, "The bad news, however, is that the skin needs to come from your buttocks."

The husband quickly agrees. The wife says, "Honey, are you sure?" He says, "Of course, you're my wife, I would do anything for you!"

And so, the operation occurs. The wife's face is as restored as can be.

A while later, the wife says "Honey, how can I ever thank you for this?"

"You don't need to. I get all the satisfaction I need when my dear mother-in-law kisses your cheek."

So this old guy is lying face down in the sand on a nude beach.

A hot blonde comes along and starts rhythmically smacking his buttocks like drums.

Then the geezer flips around, grins toothlessly at her and says, Why don't you play the flute instead of the bongos?

My grandfather once boasted he could hit a man between the buttocks from 200 yards with iron sights

That's quite the crack shot

Buttocks joke, My grandfather once boasted he could hit a man between the buttocks from 200 yards with iron sights

What do you call an Avogadro's number of buttocks?


A little boy never saw his buttocks.

The boy never saw his buttocks all these years. One day at school he did not complete his homework so got a spanking from the teacher on the bottoms. Sobbing he rushed home and to look at the damage turned towards a mirror and shouted..

"Oh my God she split it in half. "

John Travolta has just been accused of sexually assaulting a masseur by groping his buttocks.

Let's just hope this story has a happy ending.

The Sun God Helios, feeling lazy, stuck his bare glowing buttocks over the horizon...

... it was the crack of dawn.

Buttocks joke, The Sun God Helios, feeling lazy, stuck his bare glowing buttocks over the horizon...

Dr Watson asks Sherlock Holmes...

"Holmes, why are you spreading fruit juice on my buttocks?"

"Lemon entry dear Watson, Lemon entry"

A man is in urgent need for transplant buttocks after an accident.

Doctors report no end in sight.

What's The Difference Between A Breeze On A Cattle Farm And A Frenchman's Buttocks?

One is dairy air, and the other is derriere.

A lady was accused of slapping the buttocks of Dwayne Johnson

She hit rock bottom

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There was once a psych researcher with a rare genetic defect that gave her four buttocks.

She was fired for being bi-assed.

Did you hear about the woman who injected concrete into her buttocks?

Talk about hitting rock bottom.

ALTERNATE: What a hard-ass.

Recently my friend told me he identifies as a pair of buttocks. Anyone have any advice?

Arse-kin for a friend.

Is it possible to give a skin-graft from your buttocks to somebody that isn't family?

Ass-skin for a friend

What is your favorite kind of butter?

Personally, mine is buttocks.

Buttocks joke, What is your favorite kind of butter?

I have a great friend in Rome

She's called Incontinentia Buttocks.

How do you know your rear end has something to say?

Your buttocks

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