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How much cocaine can a smuggler sneak into prison?

a buttload.

How much sperm does a gay man have?

A buttload.

How much sperm does a gay guy have?

A butt-load.

Buttload joke, How much sperm does a gay guy have?

How much sperm do gay guys have?

A buttload

They just opened a sperm bank for gay couples.

You can get it by the buttload.

There is a scientific unit called a butt-load

But they don't use it for shit

How much money does a gay pornstar earn?

A buttload

Buttload joke, How much money does a gay pornstar earn?

How much money do gay bars make?

A buttload.

*nsfw* How do you measure gay seamen? *nsfw*

By the buttload

How much HIV is in a typical transmission?

A buttload.

You've got a buttload of good things coming your way...

...and I'm behind you one hundred percent.

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did you hear about the canadian who stole gold?

It was a buttload, too!

How many suppositories come in a pack?

A buttload.

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