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I tried looking up another word for butthurt

But I can't find my thesoreass.

What's the difference between a gay person and a Republican?

The Republican gets butthurt when OTHER people receive sodomy

A Democrat, a Republican and a guy with hemmerhoids walk into a bar...

They're all butthurt.

Butthurt joke, A Democrat, a Republican and a guy with hemmerhoids walk into a bar...

What do Evangelical Christians and homosexual men have in common?

They're both butthurt over same-sex marriage legalization.

Just saw the Michael Jackson documentary

I didn't realize how many kids were butt-hurt after Leaving Neverland

What's the term for a person who prepares or purchases more food than they can eat, and can't stop themselves?


My friend was making fun of me for having hemorrhoids...

I'm really butthurt about it.

Butthurt joke, My friend was making fun of me for having hemorrhoids...

I fractured my tailbone this morning.

I guess you could say I was pretty butthurt.

I hope Elon Musk doesn't say something scandalous after being butthurt because someone told him he can stick his sub where it hurts...

Because Elongate could be really long and drawn out.

I haven't seen liberals this butthurt since they legalized gay marriage.


White people are always butthurt about MLK day and black history month.

They always say, "It'd be racist of we had a holiday." They don't understand we do.... Fathers Day.

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What do you call a butthurt white guy?

A salty cracker.

Remember back in the day when you'd call someone gay and it was an insult?

Now a day, everybody is just so butthurt when you do...

How ironic is it that gay marriage is legal, but conservatives are the ones getting butthurt?

What did the executioner say after hanging a homosexual with a rope that was a little longer than usual?

That is one low-hanging fruit..

Just in case anyone gets butthurt: I have nothing against homosexuals, it's a joke, chill.

My friend has been feeling butt-hurt lately

Should've listened when I told him to not go to church everyday for a whole week.

Butthurt joke, My friend has been feeling butt-hurt lately

What do you call a person who consume too much spicy good?


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