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Why did Johnny fail his programming class?

His mom kept telling him to do his homework, "No ifs, ands, or buts!"

Son, it's finally the time for us to talk about sex

-- But dad!

-- No buts! That is all.

A smoker and a gay man die

God gives them another chance buy they have to quit their ways.
One more cigarette or shag and they are going to hell.
Having returned to earth, the ground is full of cigarette buts and gay bars at every step.
After a while, the smoker can't help himself and reaches for a cigarette but.
The gay says: don't bend for it or we'll both going to hell.

A store manager watches from a distance as a salesperson argues with a customer.

After a few minutes, the customer storms out of the store.

I saw what just happened, the manager says, and I guess you've forgotten my motto of 'the customer is always right.'

I know, the salesperson says, but . . .

No buts, says the manager. The customer is always right.

Fine, responds the salesperson.

What were you two arguing about? the manager asks.

The salesperson answers, He called you an idiot.

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have

Type II Diabetes

My friends call me "Mr. Conjunction"

Because I'm all about those buts.

Money doesn't buy you happiness

Buts it's better to cry in a Mercedes than cry on a bicycle

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