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A student busts into a lecture hall right as the professor is finishing his lecture

The student says professor sorry I'm late, do you mind summarising the lecture for me in 2 minutes.

The professor says, No need son, it will all be on the exam

A hearse is traveling up an icy hill when the back doors fly open.

The coffin drops on the street. It slides down the hill, and goes through a house. It keeps going through a school, then a church, then a grocery store, and then through a gas station. It busts through an arcade, and then through an office building. It breaks through the front door of a pharmacy and finally stops at the pharmacy counter, the lid opens, and the man inside sits up. He looks at the pharmacist and asks, "Do you have anything to stop this coffin?"

NSFW a young man is in his room

Discovering himself, pulling his pud, jacking off, choking his chook or whatever. His dad busts in unannounced and mortified yells SON DON'T DO THAT YOU'LL GO BLIND! To which the son replies dad, I'm over here.

Why are the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Browns in the same state?

To keep all the busts in one place.

What shampoo do busts use?

Head & Shoulders

What's white, gets hit on by girls of all ages, races, and stages and rarely busts at high intensity?

A volleyball

How is a man who has a one night stand with a woman the same as a member of the Sheikah clan?

He busts a nut and vanishes.

Female ghosts have...

Ghost busts!

A doctor is giving a child a shot...

"You're being so brave right now!" the doctor tells the child.

A random person busts in the door and exclaims, "BUT NOT AS BRAVE AS THESE SOLDIERS!"

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