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Did you know that 80% of Korean businessmen have caddaracts?

The other 20% drive Mercedes

What's white and falls from the sky?

Depressed Businessmen

A man goes on a business trip to Japan. The night before his big meeting, he hires a prostitute.

He really seems to be having a good time, because as they do their thing, she keeps enthusiastically saying things in Japanese over and over again.

The next day, he invites the Japanese businessmen out for a game of golf after their meeting. After a nice hole-in-one, he decides to try out a phrase his prostitute used the other night to express his excitement. One of the businessmen turns to him and says, "What do you mean, 'wrong hole'?"

Businessmen joke, A man goes on a business trip to Japan. The night before his big meeting, he hires a prostitute.

Three Businessmen are on a plane

The first one turns to the other two and says "My wife and I hate these long business trips, but at least we got to have sex 3 times last night before I had to go to the airport."

"Just 3?" Replied the 2nd man. "I made love to my girlfriend 5 times." Turning to the 3rd man he asks "And you?"

"I only made love to my wife once last night." the 3rd guy replied.

"Just once? That's it? Geez. What did your wife say in the morning?"

"Don't stop."

The new store...

Two Australian businessmen in Brisbane were sitting down for a break in their soon-to-be opened new store.

As yet, the store wasn't ready, with no stock and only a few shelves set up.

One said to the other, 'I bet any minute now some idiot tourist is going to walk by, put his face to the window, and ask what we're selling.'

No sooner were the words out of his mouth when sure enough, a curious Japanese tourist walked to the window, had a peek, and in a thick Japanese accent asked, 'What you sell?'

One of the men replied sarcastically, 'We're selling arseholes.'

Without skipping a beat, the Japanese man said, 'You doing velly well. Only two left!'

What do successful businessmen and aids patients have in common

They both take risks and get positive results

Why were Mary and Joseph considered such good businessmen?

Because they produced such a great prophet.

Businessmen joke, Why were Mary and Joseph considered such good businessmen?

Did you hear about the cannibal who used a group of businessmen to make a batch of chili?

I guess he wanted seasoned professionals.

Why do vampires make terrible businessmen?

>!They can't deal with stakeholders!<

Discount Air Rides

Delta Airlines recently introduced a special half-fare rate for wives accompanying their husbands on business trips. Anticipating some valuable testimonials, the publicity department of the airline sent out letters to all the wives of businessmen who used the special rates, asking how they enjoyed their trip. Responses are still pouring in asking, 'What trip?'

Who do businessmen pray to?

The Prophet Margin

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Three businessmen were having dinner at a club...

When it came time to pay the check, each grabbed for it.
"It's a business expense," said one.
"I'll pay," said the second. "I'm on cost plus."
"Let me have it," argued the third. "I'm filing for bankruptcy next week."

Why are so many businessmen fat?

Must be all the inflation.

Did you know that 50% of asian businessmen have cataracts?

The other half have BMW's.

Ancient Egyptians who worked to preserve the Pharaoh for the afterlife are known for having being very good businessmen. In fact, they even invented what we know today as the "return policy."

It was know back then as the "mummy back guarantee..."

Two Japanese businessmen walk into an American bar...

Two weeks later, they own it.

Businessmen joke, Two Japanese businessmen walk into an American bar...

People with gender dysphoria tend to be great businessmen.

Every action they take is a trans-action.

What's the difference between a lentil and a chickpea?

Asian businessmen don't pay thousands of dollars to have a lentil on their face

Two businessmen are at a bar

One asks the other: "What would you do with a loan of a million dollars?"

The other replies: "Not become Trump."

On a day full of infidelity, an American, French, and Japanese businessmen all returned from work early.

to discover their wives in bed with other men.

The American went straight for his 12 gauge shotgun.

The Frenchman began removing his own clothes.

And the Japanese man pulled out his business card and waited politely for his wife to finish and introduce him to the stranger.

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