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Marijuana businesses in Washington and Colorado are now allowed to use banks..

So long as they open joint accounts.

Personally I think removal of net neutrality will be great. It will offer our businesses new opportunities for development which will help the economy in the long run

Why do vampires never create new businesses?

They're afraid of the stakeholders

(A joke I just made up)

Businesses joke, Why do vampires never create new businesses?

Why shouldn't you invest in muslim-owned businesses?

They never show a prophet.

In Soviet Russia, the government own businesses. In Capitalist America, businesses own the government.

*Insert edgy quotes

No wonder we're shutting down.

Trump did say he was going to run the government like one of his businesses.

Two easy steps to become a millionaire

1: Be a billionaire

2: Set up businesses in Russia

Businesses joke, Two easy steps to become a millionaire

The only thing Trump has bankrupted more than his businesses is

Half the the country's morals.

Businesses are starting to open up. In fact, the LEGO store is open now, but I recommend staying away for a while.

People will be lined up for blocks.

My sister and I decided that we want to start our own businesses.

She's going to open a furniture store called 'Sofa King' and I'm going to open a soup restaurant next door called 'Stew Pit'.

I wonder why Microsoft has opened an office inside my computer.

These predatory businesses are getting out of hand.

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I'm not buying anything from any of Trump's or his family's businesses

Not a political statement, I just don't have any money.

Small businesses: You have 30 apples. Someone asks you for 5 apples. How many apples do you have left?

Feds: 30

Q: What do small businesses cry when account executives harass them for money?

A: Yelp!

My friend recently advised me to invest in marijuana businesses...

Apparently it's a growing industry.

One day, some U.S. senators were discussing how best... protect their constituents from predation by big businesses.

Businesses joke, One day, some U.S. senators were discussing how best...

As much as these Karens talk about their essential oils

They sure do want nonessential businesses to reopen

"McDonald's sales soar thanks to all day breakfast"

In unrelated news toilet paper stocks have risen and plumber businesses have been unable to keep up with demands for work.

Yesterday was kinda boring, I pretty much just hung around in my underwear all day... kicked out of quite a few businesses though.

Why do businesses move to India?

Because they worship prophets!

What do you call someone who writes reviews on construction businesses?

A constructive critic.

What do you call a T-800 that quits it's day job to help local businesses rid themselves of insects and rodents?

An Ex-Terminator

I've made millions from my breakfast businesses...

I'm a cereal entrepreneur.

These times are tough with businesses being closed and unemployment claims shooting up...

You know how much of my time is taken to check with all my banks to make sure my lines of credit are still available?

The Treasury Department just announced a new $3 bill featuring President Trump.

It's designed for businesses who need to keep petty cash.

What kind of money do religious businesses make?


Do you think The Devil Went Down to Georgia

to tell Governor Kemp it was safe to reopen businesses?

Why are US businesses moving to Mexico?

They can't afford to peso much here.

We believe that the striking down of Net Neutrality will help businesses and smaller ISP' flourish

Corporations big and small rejoice as taxes are lowered in St. Louis for businesses.

Once again proving that famous saying; Missouri loves companies.

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