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Little Billy came home early from school to find his mom naked, just getting out of the shower...

"Hey mom, what's that bushy thing between your legs?" he asked. "Oh that's just my sponge," his mom replied. A few days later Billy had a friend over, "mom, show Tommy your sponge." Billy's mom replies, "oh, I can't, I seem to have misplaced it." Billy says "oh I'll go ask the babysitter where she put it, I saw her cleaning daddy's face with it the other day."

my gf asked me why I call her squirrel

me: because you're short, cute, jumpy, have a bushy tail, and are always on my nuts.

I was talking to my plumber...

I told him, "Mario, I'm growing a big bushy mustache like yours, so I got this hair trap to prevent the stray mustache hairs from clogging my drain. It's working great, and I'm thinking of keeping the mustache, so I figure maybe I should get some plumbing epoxy and affix the hair trap to the pipes. What do you think?"

My plumber responded, "Listen, if it ain't a-broke..."

Bushy joke, I was talking to my plumber...

I like my women like I like my beard

Big, bushy, and sitting on my face.

what's dark, bushy and smells of fish.............

a fish monger passed out drunk in some bushes

My sister if you think dating two guys is very easy;

Wait until when one wants it shaven and the other wants it bushy!

Why do squirrels have bushy tails?

To keep their nuts warm.

Bushy joke, Why do squirrels have bushy tails?

Having bushy eyebrows are like dating twins...

...if you stop paying attention to them they'll touch eachother.

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