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Three children talking to each other...

The 1st kid : "My dad loves cars, so he is a car driver."

The 2nd kid : "My dad loves buses, so he is a bus driver."

The 3rd kid(not sure what his dad loves) : "My dad always screws up,so he is a screwdriver."

I was the first person to install trampolines on musician's tour buses.

Now everybody is jumping on the bandwagon.

Tesla is considering releasing a line of electric buses named after Egyptian gods.

It'll be A-new-bus.

Buses joke, Tesla is considering releasing a line of electric buses named after Egyptian gods.

A child asks their parent, "What's an alcoholic?"

"Well", the parent says, "You see those two buses over there? An alcoholic would see four".

The child responds, "there's only one".

Friend: My advice for your date —-Girls like it when they think you're well travelled.

Me, later at the date: I took 5 different buses to get here.

Seriously, why put the suicide hotline on the backs of buses?

Put it on the fronts.

Suppandi goes to the bus stop...

He asks a stranger, Sir, Which bus will take me to Durganagar?
Just take bus number 96 , the stranger replied hurriedly as he ran to catch his bus.
In the evening, the stranger gets down at the same bus stop and notices Suppandi is still there. Intrigued, he asks, Did you not take the bus?
Suppandi replies, So far 90 buses have gone. Only 5 more to go before my bus arrives

Buses joke, Suppandi goes to the bus stop...

The entire US Senate visited the White House today.

I wonder how many short buses that took.

Women are like buses...

very few will let you come in through the back door.

Billionaire space tourists are like buses …

You wait ages for one to arrive and then two come along at the same time

(Credit : BBC presenter Bill)

Why are London buses red?

Because they have to come every 10 minutes

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If school buses become autonomous...

hackers are going to have a field day.

We Indians have proved that

We can't only overload taxi's, auto's, buses, trains, lorries but also Satellites.

my grandpa always said "women are like buses .."

they're always late and there's probably like 14 other dudes riding it at the same time.

Why are the buses in London red?

You'd be too if you came every 10 minutes.

My elephant has been chasing people in buses all day.

I should take away the bus.

Buses joke, My elephant has been chasing people in buses all day.

Bukkake is like buses

You wait ages for one to come, and then they all come at once.

They say everything is bigger in Texas,

but their buses are usually shorter.

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