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What is Chipotle most known for?

- A. Steak Bowls
- B. Delicious Tacos
- C. Chips
- D. Burritos
- E. Coli

My friend said to me, "Whenever a World Cup game is on, let's eat something to do with that team for dinner that night."

Mexico was on, we had burritos.
Japan was on, we had sushi.
USA was on, we had burgers.
Italy was on, we had pizza.
Tuesday is England, so we're going out.

Burritos are like blunts

If you cant roll, get a bowl

My local Greek restaurant just started serving tacos and burritos....

I tried it earlier today and it turns out it's plain old Greecey Mexican food.

Gas is still $1.29 if you know where to go.

Taco Bell bean burritos.

Why can't you trust burritos?

Because they will spill the beans!

A mexican serial killer hides his victim's feet in the ground.

He likes to burritos.

Burritos joke, A mexican serial killer hides his victim's feet in the ground.

What special ingredient do cannibals put in their burritos?

People de gallo

An Italian, a Mexican and an American are all on a boat...

The captain runs out yelling we're sinking we're sinking!! Everyone needs to throw something off the boat! The Italian says "We have too many of these in our country" and throws over pots of spaghetti . Mexican says "we have too many of these in country" and throws burritos over board. Finally the American says "We have too many of these in our country." Then he picks up the Mexican and throws him overboard.

Good ol' fashions racism.

What do you call a low priced burritos with lots of smoked jalapeno chillies in them?

A Cheapotle

Local gangstas got into the food industry.

Burritos a la cartel.

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I like my woman how I like my burritos


What movement does a conductor conduct after eating too many burritos?

Tacobell's Cannon.

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