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If I ever move to Prague, I'll open a burrito shop.

And call it Bohemian Wrap City.

What is the coolest food on the planet?


Wrote this while waiting for a burrito in 2009

What's the difference between Helen Keller and Susan B. Anthony?

One doesn't know her place, the other can't find it.

Burrito joke, Wrote this while waiting for a burrito in 2009

I heard Baja Fresh has a new burrito called the Ravens.

It has everything on it but Rice.

Chipotle is releasing a new "Ravens" burrito.

It comes with everything but rice.

what did the breakfast burrito say after an all-nighter?

"I'm egg-sausaged"

An African, a Mexican, and an American...

An african, a mexican, and an american are standing on the edge of a volcano. The african throws a bag of sand in and says: "We have too much of this in my country". the Mexican throws in a burrito and says: "We have too many on these in my country". The American throws the mexican in and says: "we have too many of these..."

Burrito joke, An African, a Mexican, and an American...

How many workers does it take to run a burrito factory?

Just Juan

what do you call a boring burrito?


What is an out of date joke you still remember?

One from the 90's:

What do you call a little burro?
A Burrito.

What do you call a little taco?
A Taquito

What do you call a little judge?
A Judge Ito

The school year is like a burrito...

After 3 quarters you're full but you have to keep going even though it's all falling apart.

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The school year is like a burrito.

Once you're halfway through you want to give up because everything's just falling apart.

Biochemists at Chipotle have discovered a way to defeat ISIS militants without any civilian casualties

Free Burrito Bowls.

What do you call an egocentric strain of bacteria found in a Chipotle burrito?


How do you make a neato burrito?

With cool beans.

What's the difference between a soft shell taco and a burrito?

I don't care, but the distinction is more important than who killed Selena Quintanilla.

Burrito joke, What's the difference between a soft shell taco and a burrito?

What does a duck put in its burrito?


What do you call sex with a burrito?

Getting chipotlaid.

I like to put grilled chicken in my egg and cheese stuffed breakfast burrito...

Nothing warms my heart and stomach more than reuniting a mother and child.

One burrito looks at another burrito and says, "you wanna fight?"

The second burrito says, "nah".

The first burrito says, "What are you, chicken?"

I tried a new asian burrito recently, but the green onions kept falling out.

Curse those wrap-scallions!

That one time i hired a hooker...

... She offered me the girlfriend experience for no extra charge, of course i accepted ...

... i did not expect however that she would roll up in to a blanket burrito, order Pizza and watch Netflix.

How is being a Jew like eating a burrito?

It's really not a problem until they give you gas.

One man he is rapper

He go to rap battle

He say to he enemy: i will make sick rap now

So what he do: he pull out chicken and salad and he put all in burrito bread and he roll and he say: here this wrap it is very tasty: eat it!!

He enemy: oh yes, this taste really good, it is a sick wrap!

so both go home and are not hungry^^^^^^^^^^freelx

How much does a Chinese burrito weigh?

Won Ton

Mexican gangs be like:

"If you mess with the bean, you get the whole burrito!"

What do you call a burrito wrap?

A tortillatology

When you listen to a foreign language song.

Despacito I don't know the lyrics so I ate a burrito and my mom has a dorito oh oh oh

What is a zombie's favorite part of a burrito?

What is a symbiote's favorite meat for their burrito?

Carnage Asada

Why did the man climb onto the roof of Mexican restaurant?

Because the manager said the burrito is on the house.

Burritos are like blunts

If you cant roll, get a bowl

How did the Mexican John Wick taste his Burrito?

He took Juan Lick.

My last girlfriend was a lot like a microwave burrito

Smoking hot on the outside

Ice cold on the inside

What do you call a drug stuffed burrito?

A burweedo

What did the duck want on it's burrito?

Guac guac guac.

What does a burrito say when it finishes doing something?

That's a wrap.

What does a McChicken, a whopper, a beefy 5-layer burrito, and an extra most bestest pizza have in common?

They've all seen me naked.

What kind of beans are in God's burrito?

Holy Frijoles!

What do you call a short Mexican researcher in Antarctica?

A Burrito

First joke I've ever come up with. My Hispanic wife laughed her butt off.

Rowan Atkinson visits Mexico , goes to a restaurant and orders a burrito.

The burrito was huge and Rowan couldn't finish it , he picks up his plate goes to the chef and says
"That was the best burrito ever"
The chef replies
"Thank you senor but you missed a bean"

Just traded my girlfriend for a bean burrito.

Food for thot.

When I was a kid I had a penpal who lived in southeast Asia who worked in an athletic clothes sweatshop. I would send him gifts from America and he would send me different clothes he made at work. His name was Chen, but I called him Bean Burrito.

Because he made me puma pants.

Sex is like a burrito

Don't unwrap or that baby's in your lap.

What's another name for a frozen burrito?

A brrrrrito.

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