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What are your best "If I had ____ for every time..." jokes?

Two of my favorites are:

1. "If I had a dollar for every existentialist moment I've ever had...Does money even matter?" - Can't remember the comedian.
2. "If I had a quarter every time a hobo asked me for spare change, I'd still say no" - Bo Burnham

[NSFW] Women are like squaring numbers...

... If they're under 13 you do them in your head
(Credit to bo burnham)

Apparently for every $1 a man makes, a woman makes 70 cents.

That's not fair. Why is the man only left with 30?

Credit to Bo Burnham.

Burnham joke, Apparently for every $1 a man makes, a woman makes 70 cents.

Tip: if you don't want comedians weighing in on politics....

...don't elect a joke.

(Credit to Bo Burnham)

For every dollar a man makes....

For every dollar a man makes, a women makes 70 cents.

Thats not right

Thats not fair

The mans only left with 30!

-Bo Burnham

Why should Bo never cook dinner on Christmas?

Because he always Burnham

Glass houses

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones..... or mastubate in daytime.

Paraphrased from Bo Burnham. Credit where it's due.

Burnham joke, Glass houses

I haven't made my mind up about masturbation.

And its weird.. because on one hand it feels good.

Not my joke. Credit goes to Bo Burnham.

Who's a great YouTuber, but a terrible cook?

Bo Burnham.

What do you call a boy with no arms and an eye patch?


-Bo Burnham

(Bo Burnham) I got my girlfriend pregnant

On a pullout couch

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What did the judge say while sentencing an American comedian to his death?

Burnham at the stake.

I'm undecided about masturbation.

On one hand it feels great

-Bo Burnham

I want a black girlfriend

So that when we 69, I can can it ying-yanging.

All credit to Bo Burnham.

What do you call a kid with worms and an eyepatch?


Heard from Bo Burnham

I saw a flyer for a lost dog

Which was kind of odd, because the dog didn't have any legs

Credit goes to Bo Burnham

Burnham joke, I saw a flyer for a lost dog

What do you call a pirate without a ship?

A creative homeless man.

-bo burnham

Who is the worst cook in Starfleet?

Michael Burn-ham.

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