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You're so ugly, when you were born your mom said...

What a treasure and your dad said Lets go bury it!

My Father always said his children are his treasures.

When he buried Debbie in the backyard it took a dark twist.

I like my hookers like I like my treasure...


What's the difference between a Star Wars fan on a hunt for buried treasure and a black man?

One is a nerdy digger..

Comedians like Chris Farley and George Carlin were so good, they're a national treasure

Well, they used to be anyway

Now they're just buried treasure

A boy walks up to a pirate

A boy walks up to a pirate and curious about his missing leg, arm, and eye, asks about them.

"Why are your arm and leg missing?" the boy asks.

"Well, I was attacked by a gator while burying me treasure. Now I got me a wooden peg and hook for me hand"

"Then what happened to your eye?"

"Stupid seagull pooped in it."

"A bird pooping in your eye made it fall right out?" The boy asks, surprised.

"No, lad. That was the first day I had my hook!"

My GF is like my treasure...

I buried her in my backyard yesterday.

Ugly Kid

You're so ugly, when you were born, your mum said, "what a treasure!" and your dad said, "Yeah. Let's Bury it!"

What's the difference between pirate treasure and Madeline McCann?

There's a map showing where the treasure was buried.

Pirate 1: "the treasures be buried"

Pirate 2:" *are"

Why did Blackbeard cross the road?

To indicate where the treasure is buried.

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My mother in law is like a treasure,

I feel a strong urge to bury her on a deserted island

A dad joke

What do you call the pit that a pirate buries his treasure in?

A booty hole

Sometimes, when I'm sad, I like to go in a garden

I go there to bury myself and pretend I am a treasure.

Yo' Mama is so ugly, when she was born, her mama called her a treasure, so her daddy offered to bury her.

My wife asked "Are you treasure?"

"Because I'd like to see you buried between my legs"

A mother-in-law is like a treasure...

... the deeper she's buried the better.

Why did the piece of chalk cross the road?

There was treasure buried underneath.

Why was it so easy to find the buried communist treasure after the Cold War?

Because X Marx the spot.

My parents thought I am their treasure

They want to bury me to the ground

So on wheel of fortune ...

On wheel of fortune, the spokesperson interviews each person standing by their game position. the spokesperson gets to the last contestant and asks: "what is your name?"
this woman was a large, black, and chubby chick.
she replies "Treasure."
a man in the crowd whispers to his friend 'wanna know why they named her treasure?"
"sure" he replies
"because when she was born, they wanted so desperately to bury her."

When you were born your mom said: "It's a treasure."

Dad said: "Ya let's bury."

Yo mamma so ugly when she was born your grandmamma said, "What a treasure," and your granddaddy said, "Yeah, let's go bury it."

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