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I was driving with my dad when we passed a cemetery. My dad goes in a low, dark, creepy voice, "I know something about this cemetery that you don't. And I was like what is it? He continued, "The people living in this town can't be buried here. I was really confused so I asked why?

He rasped, "Cuz they're still alive!"

My dad and i were driving past a cemetery

When suddenly my dad said in a serious toned voice

"I know something you don't know about this place.The people living in this town aren't allowed to be buried in here"

And i was really confused so i asked why and he said

"Because they are still alive."

Original: tumblr user @hello.

Why can't a man living in New York be buried in Chicago

Because he's still alive

Why can't you bury a man living east of the Mississippi in a graveyard west of the Mississippi?

He's still alive.

(Learned from my 6th grade math teacher Mr. Warren)

Couple went to Jerusalem...

And the wife died there..

Priest : Sending her body to home will cost you $10,000 , but burial in this holy city will cost just $100.

Man : I'll take the body home.

Priest : Oh,you must really love your wife a lot...

Man : Nothing like that father.....
Just that Jesus was buried here......
and he came alive the third day...

How did the blonde kill an earthworm?

She buried it alive.

A farmer saw a plane full of politicians crash near his farm.

When the police arrived, they asked the farmer what happened.

Farmer: They crashed near my farm and I buried all of them.

One of the police men asked with shock; "are you sure they were all dead"?

Farmer: Some of them were screaming, "we are still alive".
But I couldn't believe them.
You know, these politicians. They can lie.

Why can't a girl living in America be buried in Canada?

Because she is still alive

A bus carrying 53 politicians rolls off a cliff....

A farmer sees what happened and buries all the politicians.

Two hours later there are 100 reporters at the farmhouse to interview the poor fellow. One reporter asked him - did you make sure they were all dead before burying them?

The farmer replied - the truth is, some of them said they were still alive, but I know never to trust a politician!


Husband & wife went to Jerusalem. Wife died there.

Priest: "Sending her body home would cost you $10000.... but... burial here at this holy city would cost just $100".

Man:"........ I'll take the body home!!!"

Priest:" Why the costly option?"

Man: " Jesus was buried here and came alive on the 3rd day. I CAN'T TAKE THE RISK" !!!

What do you ask a lawyer buried alive up to his neck in sand?

"Run out of sand, did they?"

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"Will it cost extra to bury my wife?"

I said to the funeral director, "Will it cost extra to bury my wife?"

He asked, "Why, is she a big woman?"

"No, still alive."

Burial dilemma.

Husband & wife went to Jerusalem and the Wife died there.

Priest: "Sending her body home would cost you $5,000.... but... burial here at this holy city would cost just $100".

Man:"I'll take the body home!!!"

Priest:"Why the costly option? You must really love your wife a lot"

Man: "Nothing like that Father.. Just that Jesus was buried here and came alive on the 3rd day. Why take unnecessary risk!!!

TIL that nobody living in my country can legally be buried in it.

It may be because they're alive

Today I found out that nobody living in my town is allowed to be buried in it.

It might be because they're alive

People who live near cemeteries typically don't get buried there

You don't tend to bury alive people

I decided at a young age that I would get buried in the same way as my father

Unfortunately gangsters buried him alive

Side note,could someone please send help

Why is it illegal for a person living in Virginia to be buried in Texas?

...because they're still alive.

An airplane carrying politicians crashed in a farmers field...

When the police showed up they asked the farmer of there were any survivors

He said " I buried all of them, a cpuple said we're still alive, but them politicians like to lie."

Imagine if Houdini was still alive.

Jokes on him, cause we buried him in a real coffin.

Why does Donald Trump not want to be buried between the tombs of Roosevelt and Eisenhower?

He's still alive.

Did you hear about the man who was buried alive?

It was a grave mistake

TIL if you currently live in Sydney, Australia. You aren't actually allowed to be buried at Sydney's largest cemetery.

Apparently it's illegal to bury people alive.

Why is it illegal for a man living in North Carolina to be buried in South Carolina?

Because he's alive.

A farmer gets a phone call from his son.

"I've run over a pig and its stuck under the tractor still alive."

"Shoot it," says the farmer, "and then bury it."

About 20mins later he gets another call..."

"Done that, what should I do with his speed camera and motorbike?"

Did you know baby girls were buried alive before prophet Mohammad put a stop to it?

So he could marry them obviously.

TIL People living in Oregon aren't allowed to be buried there.

Because they're still alive! ;P

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