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What's the difference between a buoy and my ex girlfriend?

A buoy can be found above the ocean's surface.

I spent all day bobbing up and down in the water

It's been my dream ever since I was a little buoy.

Why do dogs float

Because they are always such a good buoy.

Buoy joke, Why do dogs float

my wife and i decided to adopt

we adopted a buoy.

his name is bob

Why did the dog float in the water?

Because he's a good buoy :p

What do you call a floating dog?

A good buoy.

How did the dog survive a flood?

Because it was a good buoy

Buoy joke, How did the dog survive a flood?

What did the ship captain say when his son learned to float ?

That's my buoy !

A woman is giving birth on a boat

The baby comes out, but a sudden wave causes the boat to rock and the child is sent tumbling overboard into the ocean. The parents are horrified, until they see that the child is miraculously floating in the water, completely unharmed.

It's a buoy.

What do you call a dog lifeguard?

A good buoy

I recently threw my dog into the Thames and he didn't sink

He always was a good buoy.

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Michael Jackson Joke #4543762

Michael Jackson tried killing himself Sunday morning
by jumping off his boat.

The coast guard found him last night, bobbing up and down
on a small buoy.

What did the boat say when it stopped floating?

Oh buoy...

Two ants, Jack and Rose, are sitting on a leaf on water. Suddenly, a small tide comes and upturns the leaf. Only the girl ant sinks…

…because the other is a buoy ant

A woman waited to find out the sex of her baby...

After giving birth in a birthing pool, the baby floated to the surface with no arms or legs.

It's a buoy!

Rolf Harris went on the run...

Police tracked him down and found him adrift at sea, bobbin up and down on a buoy.

Buoy joke, Rolf Harris went on the run...

How do sailors sort their books?

Using the buoy decimal system.

My pregnant, coastguard, friend has had an amazing early Christmas present today

She's had a little buoy

Ever hear about the stereotypically gay buoy?

He was very


Doctor, doctor I keep thinking I'm a French floating water marker.

Eau Buoy !
(This only works for Brits, as Americans say it like it's boo-ee)

Did you hear about the new electronics store that caters to boats, jet skis and other watercraft?

It's called Best Buoy.

Kevin Spacey fell overboard...

And was found clinging to the bottom of a small buoy.

Why are fishermen so hip?

Because they are always saying " yeah buoy"

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