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So President Trump got into his Bunker because of the Riots.

As a german Guy I can say from experience that from this moment its not getting any better.

Hitler is in his Bunker

One day, Hitler is in his bunker planning his strategy for the next phase of the war when there is a knock at the door. He says "enter" and Goebbels walks in.
"What is it Goebbels? Can't you see I'm busy?!" asks Hitler, clearly irritated.
"Mein Fuhrer," says Goebbels, "I have news. The Italians joined the war today."
"No problem," replies Hitler, "send a division against them."
"Mein Fuhrer, they are on our side."
"Ah," says Hitler, "then send two divisions."

A blonde, a brunette and a redhead spy get caught behind enemy lines...

The enemy puts each of them against a fence to be shot.

The general orders his squad, "Ready. Aim."

The brunette spy is quick on her feet and yells, "TORNADO! TORNADO! TORNADO!"

The entire firing squad goes to the bunker to hide and waits for the tornado to pass. The brunette then unties her bondage and escapes. The redhead spy sees this and comes up with her own plan. The firing squad returns to kill the remaining two spies.

The general orders again, "Ready. Aim."

The redhead spy then shouts, "EARTHQUAKE! EARTHQUAKE! EARTHQUAKE!"

The enemy takes cover from the earthquake. The redhead spy then unties her bondage and escapes. The blonde spy is no dumby she gets an idea of her own. The firing squad returns to kill the last remaining spy.

The general orders once more, "Ready. Aim."

The blonde spy ready to run yells, "FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!"

Bunker joke, A blonde, a brunette and a redhead spy get caught behind enemy lines...

Get to the bunker, a nuclear bomb is dropping

"You can't force me in a bunker, I am an American, I have rights"

For all of his faults, Hitler was noteworthy as a dedicated artist.

In fact, the last thing he did before he died was paint the wall of his bunker.

What was the code to hitler's secret bunker?


What do you call bukkake in an underground bunker?

What do you call bukkake in an underground bunker?




Prepper spray

Bunker joke, What do you call bukkake in an underground bunker?

In light of Trump's increasing volume of golf: What's the difference between Hitler and Trump?

It only took Hitler one shot to get out of the bunker he ended up in after succumbing to Russia.

How do you escape from a windowless bunker with a sealed vault door using only a rubber band and a puddle of water?

1).Look into the puddle and see what you saw.

2). Pick up the saw and cut the rubber band in half

3).Pick up the 2 halves of the rubber band.

4). 1 half plus 1 half equals 1 whole.

5). Use the whole on the door and escape.

Why does Trump love playing golf.?

Because he can hide in a bunker.

Hitler was a keen golfer.....

He even wrote a book on it, it was titled 'How to get out of a bunker with one shot.'

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They have a lot in common

Both were loved by Nazis

Both feared Americans

Both conducted regular bunker inspections

Roseanne was fired from the Roseanne Show

but re-hired to be the female Archie Bunker for the All in the Family re-boot

What's Hitler's favorite part of a golf course?

The bunker

What is Trump doing down in the bunker right now?

He's down there restocking the cupboards that President Obama left empty.

TIL: Hitler was a very emotional golfer

...Every time his ball went into a bunker, he became suicidal!

Bunker joke, TIL: Hitler was a very emotional golfer

Why didn't Hitler like golf?

He never got out of the bunker.

Hitler is furious in his bunker...

Dummkopf! I said glass of juice! Not gas the Jews ...

How do you know that Hitler was a bad golfer?

He killed himself in the bunker!

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