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I heard they're inventing a new kind of bed...

...but most of the theories I've heard are bunk.

A child asks his grandmother, "Grandma, whats it called when two people sleep in the same bedroom and one is on top of the other?"

The grandmother replies, "Why, that's called sexual intercourse". The boy considers this, then runs outside to join his friends. A short time later the boy runs back inside and says, "Grandma, you were wrong, its called bunk beds, and Billy's Mom wants to talk to you.

A man is spending his first night in prison...

He's laying in his bunk when the lights go out. After a few minutes, he hears someone shout, "13!" followed by a chorus of laughter.
Another few minutes go by and he hears, "27!" followed by more laughter.
"What's going on?" he asks his cell mate.
"Well, we've heard the same jokes so many times, we just gave them all numbers so we don't have to waste time repeating them."
A little more time passes and then someone erupts, "34!" to a few guffaws.
The man decides to try and join in by yelling, "19!"
He is greeted by silence. He asks his bunkmate, "Why didn't they laugh?"
His bunkmate replies, "You didn't tell it right."

Bunk joke, A man is spending his first night in prison...

A Belated Teachers' Day

A Belated Teachers' Day

Its A Humble Request
"80% Of Teachers r
Suffering From Throat
Pain By Teaching Students."
So Plz
BUNK d Classes As Much
As Possible
Save Our Teachers :D

The whole "Pavlov's Dog Experiment" is such a load of bunk I'm sick of people bringing it up... this point just *hearing* the name "Pavlov" makes me mad.

Thirteen Solvakians have been reported killed and another seven seriously injured in the UK this morning...

After a bunk bed collapsed.

Police believe it was the work of the terrorist organisation Al Ikea

Making a sandwhich

So one day a family are checking into a hotel. There is a lack of rooms so they have to make do with one with a bunkbed. The mum and dad are on the top bunk and their son, the bottom

So late at night, the son wakes up to his parents saying things. They had code words for sex and the mum said tomato for faster and lettuce for slower. Eventually the boy shouts up to his parents

"mum dad, stop making sandwichs, you're getting mayonnaise all over me"^(I'm Sorry)

Bunk joke, Making a sandwhich

How do you turn a bunk bed into two regular beds?

You debunk it.

What is it when people sleep on top of each other?

Little Katy asked grandma 'what is it when people sleep on top of each other'

Grandma thinking Katy was old enough explained to her the birds and the bees.

Katy ran off but came back quickly saying:

"Grandma, mommy wants to see you right now and she is really mad! She said it is called bunk beds"


Sandwich making

Two brothers shared a bedroom, bunk beds. The older brother had the top bunk. He wanted to bring his girlfriend over to spend the night. He tells his girlfriend if she wants it faster say lettuce, harder say tomato.

The younger brother wakes up hearing, "lettuce, tomato, lettuce, lettuce, tomato." He yells up to his older brother and says, "I know you guys are making sandwiches up there but can you stop dropping the mayo!"

When I was in prison my bunk mates called me "mitochondria"

because I'm the power house of the cell

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I just bought bunk beds. The other night I brought a date home. She said, "I'll get on top." I said, "Great, I'll get the ladder."

She said, "You sure think a lot of yourself, don't you?"

What did the customer say his reason for returning his mattress was?

"You gave me a bunk bed"

What do you call 2 black people on a bunk bed?

An Oreo

My new roomate likes me

I woke up with him cuddling on my bunk

I got onto my submarine at the military base, and realized that the lay-out was different. Even worse, some guys stuff was in my bunk!

Whoops, wrong sub

Bunk joke, I got onto my submarine at the military base, and realized that the lay-out was different. Even wors

What do you call a large group of bedbugs?

Bunk bed bugs

My great uncle Chuck started the elf on a shelf tradition.

Well, actually, he was a drunk on a bunk, but we toned it down for the kids.

What do Ethiopian children call Venetian blinds?

Bunk beds

While going to sleep, my roommate always says that there is a hideous monster under his bed.

We have a bunk bed.

Cellmate: what are you in here for?

Me: (snuggling) my bunk is cold

Little Mikey

A five-year-old Mikey asks his Grandpa, Grandpa, what do you call it when there are two people on top of each other in bed?
The Grandpa feels very uncomfortable but decides not to confuse the child and bravely says, That's intercourse, my boy.
OK, nods Mikey and off he goes.
He comes back after five minutes and says, Grandpa, that's not right. I've just spoken to mom and she said that it's not called intercourse but a bunk bed!

I'm thinking of opening a new type of hotel.

You will rent the bottom half of a bunk bed, and on the top will be a couple of your favorite celebrities.

Ill call it "sleeping under the stars"

I have trouble getting out of bed every morning

I sleep in the top bunk

mayo problem

A boy says to a girl, "So, sex at my place?" "Yeah!" "Okay, but I sleep in a bunk bed with my younger brother, and he thinks we're making sandwiches, so we have to have a code. Cheese means faster and tomato means harder, okay?" Later on the girl is yelling, "Cheese cheese, tomato tomato!" The younger brother says, "Stop making sandwiches! You're getting mayo all over my bed!"

Get to the bunker, a nuclear bomb is dropping

"You can't force me in a bunker, I am an American, I have rights"

Train ride

A man and a woman share sleeping compartment on a train ride.

The woman flirts with the man, and after a while, says she's cold and asks if he could please give her a blanket, as he's in the lower bunk.

The man smiles at her and asks: Hey, how about if we play we are a married couple on a train ride . Sure! , she eagerly replies.

Man: So get the blanket yourself!

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