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I'm never going bungee jumping.

I came into this world due to broken rubber, I'll be damned if I leave because of it.


Go bungee jumping for free!

No strings attached.

how is bungee jumping like having sex?

a life depends on whether or not the rubber breaks

Bung joke, how is bungee jumping like having sex?

I once tried a bungee jumping cord to the roof of the school.

I got suspended

I will never go Bungee jumping.

A broken rubber brought me into this world, a broken rubber isnt taking me out

I would never bungee jump...

I came into this world because of a broken rubber and I'm not going out cause of one.

Why is bungee jumping, and a prostitute similar?

You pay money for some quick fun and if he rubber breaks, you're dead!

Bung joke, Why is bungee jumping, and a prostitute similar?

What does bungee jumping and hookers have in common?

Both of them cost $100 and if the rubber breaks, you're screwed!

I'm never going bungee jumping.

A piece of broken rubber brought me into this world and it ain't gonna take me out.

I'm never going bungee jumping.

Broken rubber brought me into the world. It's not going to take me out.

Only 50,000 BC kids will get this

Ugga: Ung bung uhh mang Bunga tankun ung

Bunga: Nanga uhh ung tangung uhh...unganun

Ugga: Inga Bunga langa ung ugg Ugga?

Bunga: Ung bunga uhh tangung angu OOK OOOOOK

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How are Bungee jumping and visiting a prostitute a like?

If the rubber breaks, you're dead.

Bunga Bunga

Two adventurers were captured by a tribe in the jungle.
The chief asked the first one: "Decide your fate: Death or Bunga Bunga"
He answered: "I choose Bunga Bunga" and was raped by the whole tribe.
So the chief asked the second adventurer: "Death or Bunga Bunga".
He answered: "I choose death"
The chief: "Well, so it shall be. Death by Bunga Bunga!"

How is Bungee jumping similar to hanging hanging out with a prostitute?

If the rubber breaks, your dead

I've had a bungee jumping incident

But I'm sure I'll bounce back

I tried bungee jumping the other day.

It had its ups and downs.

Bung joke, I tried bungee jumping the other day.

bungee jumping

A kid walks up to his mom and asks, Mom, can I go bungee jumping?

The mom says No, you were born from broken rubber and I don't want you to go out the same way!

What do a bungee jump and a hooker have in common?

They're both cheap, fast, and if the rubber breaks, you're pretty muchΒ screwed.

Bungalows are almost perfect.

They only have one floor...

Why didn't Bungie stick with Halo?

Because it wasn't their Destiny.

Bungalows are so close to perfection

They only have one flaw

Why I will never bungee jump...

I came into this world from a broken rubber and I'm certainly not going out that way.

Little Jack Warner

Little Jack Warner

Sat in the corner

A finger in every pie.

He stuck in his thumb

And pulled out a bung

And said "Lets all go to Dubai!"

I'm never going bungee jumping..

I don't want to both live and die because of a broken rubber.

Why did the bungee jumper hit the ground?

He didn't pay a tension.

Bungie is now working on food products based on their own classic games

Known as Halo tea bags.

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