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Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer have dinner together

Ted: hey Jeff you got any ice cream in the freezer?

Jeffrey: nah, only Ben and jerry

Netflix has asked viewers to please stop referring to Ted Bundy as "Hot"

As he was electrocuted in 1989, they are fairly certain he has cooled off by now.

This is an old joke but I really enjoy it....

Ted Bundy is walking through the forest with a young woman and the young woman looks back at Ted and says It's getting dark and I'm scared.

Ted replies You're scared? I'm the one that has to walk back through here *alone*!

Bundy joke, This is an old joke but I really enjoy it....

Ted Bundy was out one day having a lovely stroll with a lady friend.

They were walking through a gorgeous, secluded forest. After walking a while the sun was setting and it began to get dark.

The young lady turned to Ted and said, 'It's starting to look creepy here, I'm scared'.

Ted looked at her astonished and replied 'You're scared? How do you think I feel, I have to walk back out of here alone'.

I was watching the Ted Bundy tapes on Netflix

When he was first arrested, the police departments from the different states got together in a hotel to have a conference and share knowledge with each other.

It was the world's first Ted Talk.

How is Colin Kaepernick like Al Bundy?

They both sucked at Football and then moved on to sell shoes

Danson, Turner, Mosby, Knight, Williams, Bundy, Raimi, Cruz…

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

Bundy joke, Danson, Turner, Mosby, Knight, Williams, Bundy, Raimi, Cruz…

Ted Bundy asks Jeffrey Dahmer you got any ice cream in the freezer?

Nah, just Ben and Jerry Jeffrey replies.

A really twisted joke

What do Ted Bundy and the Space Shuttle Colombia have in common?

They both left bodies in four states.

What did Ted Bundy order for his last meal?

Chick Fil a

*came up with that on my own. If you can improve on it feel free.

Dolphins are the Ted Bundy of the animal kingdom

Raping murdering psychopaths, but white women love them.

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Friend 1: Ted Bundy was pretty popular with the ladies right?

Friend 2: Yeah dude, he slayed.

Ted Bundy was attractive, charming, intelligent...

He always killed it on a first date.

What day was it they executed Ted Bundy?

Fry day.

How does Ted Bundy unwind after a long day of killing?

He takes a psycho bath

Ted Bundy gave me a 24 karat ring...

Thanks for the gold, kind strangler!

Bundy joke, Ted Bundy gave me a 24 karat ring...

There are a lot of serial killers named Ted

There's Ted Bundy, Ted Kaczynski, Ted Cruz...

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