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A Buddhist monk walks up to a hot dog vendor and says Make me one with everything .

The hot dog vendor hands over the sausage and bun with all the trimmings, and the Buddhist hands over a twenty. The vendor pockets it.

The Buddhist asks Where's my change? and the vendor replies change must come from within .

A gun then extends from the Buddhist's chest and he asks again.

The vendor says Whoa, man, where did that come from?

The Buddhist replies This is my inner piece .

Why did the top bun and bottom bun of the Big Mac get in a fight?

There was bad beef between them

Two men are out on the street with only $3.00...

The first guy says "I want a beer but we don't have enough money." The second guy replies "I have an idea, I'm going to go buy a hotdog from the vender across the street remove it from the bun and put it in my pants. Then we will go to a bar, order a drink for each of us, drink them then I'll unzip and you'll start sucking on this hotdog so we will get kicked out and not have to pay." The first guy, although skeptical, goes along with it. After the first bar works perfectly they decide to try their luck at a few more bars, so after the 7th bar both guys are very drunk, the second guy says "Okay, I'm hungry I want that hotdog now." The first guy replies with "Hotdog? Oh yeah, I ate that 3 bars ago."

A dyslexic put a dinner roll on a chair before he sat down...

It was a pad bun.

I lost my job as a baker when I made a customer violently choke.

It was my manager's fault for telling me to put my hair in a bun.

Son: "Dad, what's the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian?"

Dad: "Usually a man bun."

One day, Hot Dog Bun Boy came home from school...

His mother saw him come in looking pretty glum and asked, "What's the matter Hot Dog Bun Boy? Did something happen?"

Hot Dog Bun Boy replied, "I was in my history class and it's so frustrating that there are no lessons at all about Hot Dog Buns like us! It's so unfair!"

The mother came up to Hot Dog Bun Boy and gave him a consoling hug. She then said, "I know son, it's not fair. But in the end, history is written by the wieners."

Two men were walking past a bakery...

One says, "watch this"; he proceeds to slide in, sneak three buns into his pockets and, having pilfered them, exits to his friend.

His friend says "that's nothing, I can get the same result with a far more honest method."

He approaches the bakery owner and says "do you want to see a magic trick my friend?"

Intrigued, the owner complies and asks what the trick is.

"I'll need a bun from your store"

The baker hands it to him, he proceeds to eat this. He does this with two more buns.

Eventually the baker asks "what's the trick mate?"

Just look in my friend's pocket…

A man with a speaking problem walks into a bakery...

A man with a speaking problem walks into a bakery, and asks the chef ''May I please have a bum?'' the chef has no idea what he means, so suggests ''Did you mean bun?'' The man nods and buys a bun.

The man then walks into a hardware store, ''One fuckit please!'' he exclaims. The shop owner is mortified, but suggests ''Did you mean bucket?'' The man nods and continues on his journey.

The man finally walks into a pet store, and asks ''May I please buy a cockandspankit?'' The pet store owner is shocked and asks ''Did you mean cocker spaniel?'' The man nods, and walks away happily with his bun, dog and bucket.

The man sits in a chair in the middle of a park, when his dog gets off the leash. He immediately asks the closest person ''Can you please hold my bum and fuckit while I get my cockandspankit?''

What do you call a dog in a bun?

A subwoofer.

being an old man I only remember one joke from my childhood and here it is. I hope that you enjoy it

why did the baker get an electric shock

he stood on a currant bun

ha ha

anyway this is the only joke I remember from when me and my friends were sprogs back in the day with no internet or anything like that


Rog. H

I just put my hair in a bun.

It wasn't very nice, I think I'll try it with a croissant next time.

Man Bun? or Douche Knot?

neither, it's a fairy tail.

Two guys go into a diner...

The waitress comes up and says, "What'll ya have."
The first man says, I'll have a hamburger.
The waitress lifts one arm, pulls a patty out of her armpit, lifts the arm and pulls a bun out of the other armpit.
She turns to the second guy, "What'll you have?"
The second guy says, "I was thinking of having a hot dog but I've changed my mind."

Went to the sperm clinic today. The lady asked if i would like to masturbate into a cup.

I said I'm good bun I'm not ready to compete in a tournament yet.

I was working in a bakery and fell onto a bun

I guess you could say I'm on a roll

Everytime I hear, there's a bun in the oven

I can only think of the inefficiency in cooking one bun at a time.

Did you hear about Dwayne Johnson and the cinnamon bun?

They say it's rock and roll.

Imagine the disappointment when if a wolf knew it's descendant would be a pug

That's how your grandpa feels when he sees your man bun

Swedish Moose Joke Translated by Google

PS: Read with strong Scandinavian accent for best effect.


There were two moose who were flying. Then it said one:

"You have a bun in your eye!"

"What?" Answered the other.

"You have a bun in the eye!"


"You have a bun in your eye."

"Well, I do not hear because I have a bun in my eye."

What do you call a brat without the bun?

The wurst

I'm having a bun filled with ham and pineapple for my lunch today

That's Hawaii roll.

Did you hear about the baker who got electrocuted last week?

He stood on a bun and a currant shot up his leg.

I baked a doglike bun for my girlfriend. She really wanted to know what kind of dog it was and if it had any fillings. I said:

"It's purebred bagel."

Did you hear about the chef that got electrocuted?

He stood on a bun and a currant shot up his leg.

Blind man got a poppy seeds bun.

"Who wrote this shit?"

What do you say to a pregnant witch?

Looks like there's a bun in the Coven.

What do you call a Jewish baby in the womb?

A bun in the oven.

If I ever get a pet rabbit, I should put it in a food themed Halloween costume.

I'll call it a Hot Dog Bun.

Where does Bob Dylan get his pastries?

The House of the Rising Bun

What did the bun say to the hotdog?

Hi frank.

What did the bun say to the hot dog?

I relish the fact that you've mustard the will to ketchup to me!

What do you call Vietnamese noodles that is not fake?

Bun Rieu

A man goes to a hotdog stand and asks for a 'Jerry Sandusky'

...The worker replies "A what"?...and the man says, "You know, a wiener in the bun".

What is the nastiest bun of them all

A *cinna*bun

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