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What's the difference between Kim Kardashian and a homeless man who works at McDonalds?

One of those greasy bums is making a lot more money.

What do you call a guy who has sex with bums?

A hobosexual.

I know how to solve the homeless problem and make bums into hard working citizens!

Give them construction worker helmets. They already have the standing around doing nothing part down!

Bums joke, I know how to solve the homeless problem and make bums into hard working citizens!

Two bums

Two bums are walking down the rail road tracks.

Bum#1 turns to the other and says: "just last week I was walking down these same tracks, and I found a bottle of whiskey. I stayed drunk for a week, it was the best week ever!"

Bum#2 listening intently replies: "that's nothing man, I was walking down these same tracks last week and I found a lady, we had sex over and over, it was the best week ever!"

Bum#1 asked: "did she give good head?"

Bum#2 replied: "no, I never found her head"

Did you guys hear about the fight in the bathroom?

Two bums got wiped

What do public toilets and homeless shelters have in common?

They're both full of bums

What do you call Tums in suppository form?


Bums joke, What do you call Tums in suppository form?

I asked my British friend what he looks for in a woman. He said he likes "big bums"

So I went out and got him the fattest hobo I could find

A failing theatre is giving away free tickets to the homeless.

They need bums on seats.

Why are dogs noses so cold?

So they dont burn the other dogs bums

I was thinking about having a charity stand up performance for the homeless

I just need something that will put bums on seats

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I saw 2 bums fighting and hitting each other with cardboard.


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