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Top 10 of the Funniest Bumpy Jokes and Puns

Two Nuns riding home from church on a tandem bicycle...

Suddenly the nun in front steers the bike down a very bumpy road - not their normal rout.

Curious, the nun on the back asks, "Have you come this way before, sister?"

Nun in front replies, "Yes... I think it's the *cobblestones!"*

Learning to read Braille with my index finger hasn't been easy so far

In fact, it's been a pretty bumpy ride

Two nuns are riding bicycles down a bumpy road...

One turns to the other and say "I never came this way before".

A young couple is getting ready to have sex for the first time.

A young couple is getting ready to have sex for the first time. The boyfriend asked his girlfriend, "Have you ever ridden a horse?"
She said, "Yes, I have."
Satisfied, he responded with, "So this will be just like riding a horse."
Suddenly, the woman's face looked horrified.
Concerned, the man asked his girlfriend what was wrong.
Tearfully, she responded with, "So it will be bumpy and uncomfortable?"

An Italian stallion was tripping down a old bumpy road.

When a woman drove past. A little while later she thought: " Well, that certainly was Rocky. "

I had the best bus driver in elementrary school?

He always used to let me sit on his lap during the bumpy parts.

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