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  1. I have been texting this girl and she just dropped the news that shes a vegetarian. Bummer. I didn't even get to meat her.
  2. Whats blue and pretty on top, and brown and kind of a bummer in the bottom? The Mediterranean Sea.
  3. Looking for an Australian joke! I saw it yesterday. I only remember the last line was "bummer man".
  4. Do you keep your phone in your back pocket? Bummer, I was trying to give that b**... a call...
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  1. My friend just told me he has a chocolate lab. Turns out it's a dog, not a place. Bummer.
  2. I felt a little behind in Middle School It was a major bummer when the cops found out :(
  3. I visited a proctologist the other day... It was a real bummer.
  4. Such a shame to hear about dale winton A real bummer really.
  5. The ending to Kingsman is a bit of a bummer
  6. What do you call an ex-islamic extremist? ...
    *A muslim bummer.*
  7. What did Obama say when he first heard of the Boston Marathon bomber? Aw, bummer.
  8. What do you call a homosexual t**...? A s**... bummer.
  9. What do you call a guy with a Summer h**... Cocktail? a bummer
    ps: oc attempt
  10. What do you call a man with a f**... for percussionists? A Drummer Bummer
  11. My gay brother has recently been diagnosed with h**... What a bummer.

Bummer joke, My gay brother has recently been diagnosed with h**...

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My wife and I were on honeymoon at Australia last week.

I called up the Aussie helpline as we had a problem
"Aussie helpline, what's the problem?"
"Well, my wife and I were swimming yesterday, and a jellyfish stung her in her... uhm, lady parts. Anything we can do?"
"Ah, bummer mate"
"Perfect! I hadn't thought about that, thanks!"

Finished singing a song with my 4yo and she said that's song's a bummer. I said bummer means something that brings you down or makes you sad. I think you meant to say that song's a b**....

She said, No, I meant to say that *you're* a bummer.
So proud 😢
ETA: that

Spending time with grandpa got me in trouble.

Well. Today was a nice day until it wasnt.
I got up early and went out to spend some time with my grandfather. I had the greatest idea ever actually! So anyway I stink at writing details so I will get to the point. I was making sand castles with my grandpa and got kicked out by everyone at the crematorium. Bummer.

Bummer joke, What do you call a guy with a Summer h**... Cocktail?