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If online bullying has taught us anything.

It's that some kids would rather kill themselves than lose a bit of weight.

Stop bullying fat people, it isn't funny

They have enough on their plate anyway.

All these people are so quick to criticize Melania Trump for wanting to take on cyber bullying when that's something her husband has a problem with

But no one criticized Laura Bush for wanting to teach kids how to read

Bullying joke, All these people are so quick to criticize Melania Trump for wanting to take on cyber bullying when

Yesterday I saw some kid getting ganged up behind the school by 4 other kids.

As a senior, I have experienced bullying myself so I immediately jump in.

That kid got no chance against 4 of us.

One time I saw 4 kids bullying another kid so I decided to step in

He didn't stand a chance against the 5 of us

There was once a truck driver eating at a diner.

He was enjoying his meal, when a gang of bikers walked in. They started bullying him, by dumping salt and pepper all over him, spitting in his coffee, and stealing his food. To their surprise, the truck driver did nothing, but pay the bill, and walk out of the diner.

As they are marveling about this, the waitress comes up to them. The biker gang says that the truck driver wasn't much of a fighter.

The waitress then looks out into the night and says, He doesn't look to be much of a driver either. He just ran over 3 motorcycles.

I lost my watch at a party...

Saw a guy stepping on it while bullying a smaller dude. I walked up to the guy, and punched him. It's not okay to bully... not on my watch.

Bullying joke, I lost my watch at a party...

In school, we had an assembly on bullying

The teacher spoke about a young gay boy, being bullied because of his sexuality. She spoke in length about his life, and the verbal abuse he suffers. She then asked a question, 'How do you think he takes it?' Apparently, 'Up the arse!' wasn't a suitable answer.

When people start bullying me about my weight, I cut myself.....

another piece of cake

Govt. Statistics show that 35% of all school kids fall victim to online bullying and this can only mean 1 thing

65% of my emails aren't going out

Height bullying is no joke.

Seriously guys, we need to stop looking down on short people.

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Number Bullying

1 was making fun of 0 for being fat and how he equates to nothing. This continued for several weeks until 0 had enough. He grabs 1 by his throat and shouts "Stop boolean me!".

I am a victim of cyber bullying

Every day my bank emails me to notify me that my account is under the required threshold. I do not need reminders that I am poor.

A man with a wooden eye watches people at the dance...

After always being the butt of jokes or bullying, he was scared to ask any girl to dance with him. He always had a fancy for Betsy, who was born with a hairlip. He always figured since they shared a similar fate, she might sympathize with him. He finally mustered up enough courage and asked Betsy, "Would you dance with me?" She sprang up excited and said "Would I? Would I?!". The man angrily says, "Well, hairlip! Hairlip!"

School bullying

ME: The bullies at school stole my lunch money again.

DAD: Did you tell anyone?

ME: Yes, but they just say things like "be strong", "stop crying", and "you're a useless teacher .

I've been bullying this kid

Good thing hes an orphan. Who's he gonna tell, his parents?

Bullying joke, I've been bullying this kid

My wife always says I am bullying on of our children

I don't know which one she means... John, Maria or the fat ugly one?

What did the cytosine say to the tyrosine that was bullying him?

You're amino acid!

New research

Shows Amish people have lower rates of cyber bullying

What do you call a bullying competition?

A jerk-off

My ex-best friend used to be really nice to me, but ever since they found out I have flat feet, they've been mean to me and bullying me over it.

They're my arch-enemy now.

A gay student complained to his counsellor about bullying

He said he was sick of the other kids taking his brunch money.

You can never get in trouble for bullying orphans

What are they gonna do?
Tell their parents?

A man dies and meets St. Peter at the gate.

St. Peter greets him, and tells him he can enter heaven on one condition. He must share one good deed he did in his life time. The man says, I was driving down the road, when I say a gang of bikers bullying this little girl. I went up to the leader, punched him and told them to leave the poor girl alone. St. Peter this amazed, and asked him when all of this happened. About 5 minutes ago replies the man

What did the tree say to the bullying beaver?

Gnawed again.

Recurring Visions

This is an old one.

A man goes to a psychologist and says "Doc, you have to help me. I can't sleep. Every time I close my eyes my mother is right there giving me grief. When I open them, it's even worse, there she is again nagging and bullying me. Sometimes its so bad, at night time, all I can do is go downstairs and eat a piece of toast."

The doctor looks at him and replies "What? One piece of toast? For a big boy like you?"

All the kids are bullying little Johnny.

Poor little Johnny (some water over his head)!

What do you call beating someone with a router?

Cyber bullying.

A pharmaceutical scientist I knew kept bullying me

I'm going to bully him back so he can have a taste of his own medicine.

Jimmy comes home and tells his dad the other kids at school are bullying him for having a double chin...

Dad: Don't worry Jimmy, just walk ignore them and hold your chin up

Jimmy: Which one?


A lady came to school today and told us bullying is bad. She then said Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt my. So I threw a dictionary at her.

Remember kids, if the antivax kid is bullying you,

Just start sneezing on him.

9/10 People like bullying

The 10th gets bullyed

What's a jew doing on a playgroud?

Swinging on the swing, bullying german snipers.

As i kid i used to enjoy dipping ginger nuts into a steaming hot cup of tea

Of course you cant get away with that now a days that's called bullying.

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