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What do you call a bulletproof Irishman?

Rick O'Shea.

When Barack Obama gives his speech, he stands behind a bulletproof glass.

That shows how racist America still is.

Just because he's black, doesn't mean he's going to shoot anyone

Thanks Frankie Boyle

Marriage joke

My husband and I couldn't decide which jacket to buy our granddaughter, so we asked the young salesman.

If you were buying a jacket for your girlfriend, I said, what would you get?

A bulletproof one, he said. I'm married.

I don't see why Obama gave all his speeches behind bulletproof glass..

I know he's black and all but I doubt he'd actually shoot anyone.

What do you call a bulletproof Irishman?

Rick O'Shea. (ricochet)
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!!

When Obama made his inaugural speech, they put him behind bulletproof glass.

And that's proof of the racism that still exists in America today. I mean, just because he's black, doesn't mean he was going to go and shoot everybody.

We get it Mr. Trump, you have bulletproof shoes.

....That doesn't mean you should keep shooting yourself in the foot.

Bulletproof joke, We get it Mr. Trump, you have bulletproof shoes.

The Pope-mobile

Because nothing says "faith in God" more than 4 inches of bullet-proof glass...

They should make birth control for men

Because it makes more sense to fire blanks than shoot at a bulletproof vest.

Recent discoveries will make this joke obsolete, thought I'd give it one more run.

The french invented a new bulletproof vest

That is just as efficient as a regular one but much cheaper: it only covers the soldiers' backs

When Obama gave his first speech as president he was behind bulletproof glass

I don't think it's fair.. just cuz he black don't mean he gunna shoot anyone

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If eyes could shoot bullets,

I'd look into a bulletproof mirror.

I dreamed that midgets were trying to assassinate me, so I bought a bulletproof car.

Since they were midgets, I bought a convertible.

What do you call a bulletproof scouser?

Kev laa

Awesome watch

I got an awesome watch for
my birthday. It was
waterproof, shockproof,
fireproof, bulletproof, acidproof, childproof & scratchproof.

I lost it.

If Batman wears kevlar armor and a bulletproof cape, why does Robin have to wear a bright-colored spandex outfit?

For the same reason: Batman doesn't like getting shot.

Bulletproof joke, If Batman wears kevlar armor and a bulletproof cape, why does Robin have to wear a bright-colored sp

Anybody heard about the bulletproof Irishman?

Rick 'o Shea

In Syria vests come in two styles

Suicide and Bullet-proof.

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