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So I just had a very awkward conversation with a bulimic over lunch.

It's safe to say; that didn't go down very well.

How can you tell if you are at a bulimic bachelor party?

The cake jumps out of the girl.

What do bulimic stone masons do?

Binge and parge.

Bulimic joke, What do bulimic stone masons do?

What did the remorseful, penitent bulimic say while purging?

"Oh, retching man that I am! Who will save me..."

(With insincere apologies to the Apostle Paul.)

I have bulimic Alzheimers

I always eat too much but forget to throw up.

What do you call a bulimic tree?


What's a bulimic cheerleaders favourite restaurant?

In'n'Out Burger

Bulimic joke, What's a bulimic cheerleaders favourite restaurant?

What would Steve Harvey change his name to if he suddenly became bulimic?

Heave Starvey

I think my wife is suffering from Bulimic Amnesia

She keeps eating and eating and eating, and then forgetting to throw up

What's the worst thing about having sex with a Bulimic?

She won't swallow

Went to a bulimic birthday party today...

I saw a cake pop out of a girl.

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I went to a bulimic birthday party.

First time I've seen the cake come out of the girl.

Did you hear about the bulimic bachelor party?

The cake comes out of the girl.

I just got back from a bulimic disco

The place was heaving!

What do you call a bulimic magician?

Hurlin' Merlin

What was the highlight of the bulimic bachelor party?

It was when the cake came out of the girl.

Bulimic joke, What was the highlight of the bulimic bachelor party?

I was woken up again last night by the bulimic girl next door.

I banged on the wall and shouted, "For God's sake, keep it down!"

My wife is leaving me because I'm noisy, bulimic, and get spontaneous erections...

She said I can't keep it down.

Why do bulimics hate Netflix?

You can binge all you want, but there's no way to purge.

I went to a bulimic bachelor party last weekend

A cake jumped out of the stripper.

What's the difference between a bulimic and a communist?

The communist feels hungry without having to throw up.

A Person with Hypochondriatic-OCD

and a Bulimic share the same shower...that's it.

I think I just met a bulimic cannibal who lives in the rough part of town...

She won't stop throwing up gang signs.

My next door neighbor is Bulimic and she was making so much noise last night, that I banged on the wall and shouted...

"For goodness sake, keep it down!"

Why do bulimic girls love KFC?

Cause it comes with the bucket

I dated a bulimic that overcame a lot of adversity.

You just couldn't keep her down.

Why are bulimics so good at giving head?

Because they're teeth are worn away from acid and they have no gag reflex left.

What would you call a bulimic Steve Harvey?

Heave Starvey.

How do you know if you're at a bulimic stag party?

The cake jumps out the girl.

My bulimic girlfriend surprised me for my cake day

The cake jumped out of her.

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