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Why do dentists only want to be awarded with paper certificates?

They hate plaque buildup.

Why don't dentists display their awards?

Because they want to prevent plaque build-up.

I have a joke on Donald Trump.

It's a great joke. With a good buildup and a punch, and whatever. I showed it to my friends -- you know some of them are really good judge of jokes. I showed it to them and they said it's really funny. Almost everyone agrees it's good. Some of them says it's too good -- maybe a little bit too funny. You know they love to laugh. You maybe even say it's the funniest joke ever. I have THE BEST JOKE in the world.

Buildup joke, I have a joke on Donald Trump.

5.5 Quake Shakes L.A.

Every 20 years or so, a large earthquake rattles Los Angeles as a result of the tremendous buildup of pressure in every Angeleno to talk about something other than show business.
~ Scott Miller

Why was the astronaut so sore?

He had a buildup of ga-lactic acid.

Because it gives you the punchline before the buildup!

This joke is like a pop-up ad...

I told the dentist I was concerned about the buildup on my teeth

He just brushed it off.

Buildup joke, I told the dentist I was concerned about the buildup on my teeth

100 Metres Final

Gatlin beats Bolt in the 100 metres final. All that buildup for 9.92 seconds and disappointment.

Now I know how my girlfriend feels.

Want to hear a joke about building homes for charity?

Never mind, it has a long buildup but no real payoff.

What does Imogen do when there's a buildup of gas in her colon?

Imogen poots.

Why did the army have a heart attack?

Too much buildup in the carodid artillery.

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I'm a lot like CM Punk's UFC career in bed

Long buildup, awkward start, finish in 40 seconds, cry, and it's over.

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