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One that made the wife groan

A few weeks ago I was talking to my wife about how our taste buds have changed since we were kids.

I said "Yeah, I still can't handle mushrooms though, they are awful"

Her "I don't know, mushrooms have grown on me"

Me deadpan "Well, you should probably shower more often then."

The Sperm is made up of Glucose........

MBBS Professor:

The Sperm is made up of Glucose, the same material Sugar is made of.

A Girl raised her hand:

"Then why doesn't it

taste like Sugar?"

Suddenly silence in hall.


Then Professor's reply was also a Medical master piece:

My dear, Thats because, the taste buds are located on the tip of your Tongue and not at the end of your Throat

Killer .

What do you call 2 chefs working together in the same kitchen?

Taste Buds

Buds joke, What do you call 2 chefs working together in the same kitchen?

What do you call a dish that makes your taste buds explode?

A bomb appetit...

My friend forced me to tell the world about my dumb joke.

God, I'm awful, sorry about that!

The stone has been rolled away for 38 days and Christ continues to chill with his buds.

God calls from the heavens, it is time.

But Jesus and his friends can't hear over all the partying etc

On day 39, same thing. Son, come sit by my right hand in heaven.

Still nothing.

On the 40th day, God hears that the music is especially loud and knows he'll likely be ignored again. So he grabs a very loud megaphone and yells May I have your ascension please! May I have your ascension please

What'd one marijuana plant say to the other marijuana plant?

Let's be best buds.

What do you call two life-long best friends that also happen to be food critics?

Taste buds.

Buds joke, What do you call two life-long best friends that also happen to be food critics?

I was worried that my maple tree died this winter, but its starting to grow new buds.

What a re-leaf!

What kind of friend should you always take to dinner with you?

Your taste buds

Why do college frat boys drink before bathing?

Buds before suds, bro.

I was at a cafe when I had to fart. Thankfully there was loud music playing so I let it rip.

Turns out I was wearing ear buds.

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Why didn't skrillex's buds ever invite him to go fishing?

Because he always dropped the bass.

Why do flowers and beer get along so well?

They're buds

What do taste buds call their friends?

Taste buddies.

Why don't potheads have close friends?

They smoke their best buds

Do vaginas have taste buds?

Why else would they make flavored condoms?

Buds joke, Do vaginas have taste buds?

Why are most people against wearing used ear buds?

Because they might carry hearing AIDS

What do you call Airbud when he's wearing ear buds?

Still Airbud

Why did the pothead seem so smart?

Because all of his buds were so dense...

What do you call a couple of tongues that are best friends?

Taste buds.

Two of my British friends accidentally used the same Q-Tips

Now they're cotton buds.


so today one of my friend was wearing ear buds and im like: YOU MAY HAVE EAR BUDS, BUT I GOT MY BUDS EAR! and i grabbed my friends ear.

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