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So I've got some buddies...

They just so happen to be a high-ranking officials in Denver,Colorado. They're currently trying to get Republicans and Democrats to both agree to legalize medical marijuana to ease arthritis symptoms. I guess you could say I have friends in high places in high places in high places for joint support for joint support for joint support.

My Buddies bakery burnt down last night....

His business is toast.

One of my buddies turned 90, so for a birthday surprise I sent a hooker to his apartment. When he opened the door, she introduced herself and informed him that she was there to give him super sex. His response...

I'll take the soup.

Buddie joke, One of my buddies turned 90, so for a birthday surprise I sent a hooker to his apartment. When he op

2 old buddies mourning the loss of a friend

2 old friends are catching up at an old pal's funeral. One takes a moment to pause and finally asks the question.

"So... How'd it happen?"

To which the other responds.

"Well, as I understand it, he went to the doctor the other day and the doctor said he was 'as healthy as a horse.' But on the way home he broke a leg."

3 buddies went camping and stayed in a cabin.

The cabin only had one bed so they decided to share it.

The next morning the guy who slept on the left side of the bed said I had a dream I was getting jacked off.

The guy on the right side of the bed said that's weird I had the exact same dream.

The guy in the middle said you guys are lucky. I had a dream I was skiing.

My buddies and I were running a train on this German girl

I had to keep telling her there were only 8 of us.

My buddies own a yacht together that they keep on the French Riviera.

They have such a beautiful France ship.

Buddie joke, My buddies own a yacht together that they keep on the French Riviera.

My buddies dad got a sex change and started telling me all about his life's secrets...

He was super trans-parent.

4 buddies put in together for a joint rental application

They just wanted to pass it around and take a few hits, then give it back.

My buddies and I were playing poker with children's story books and I got a good hand.

Read em and sleep boys

One of my old buddies, James King, named his newborn son Thin.

I'm sure he wasn't thinking, but his son is.

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Two buddies just got home from working out at the gym...

Guy 1: "Dude, were out of protein powder!"

Guy 2: "No Whey!"

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