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A street near Buckingham palace is being renamed to Prince Andrew's Close

It's not honorary, it's a warning.

Queen Elizabeth and Sir David Attenborough...

Queen Elizabeth and Sir David Attenborough are walking through the gardens at Buckingham Palace, when they come across a sundial in the shade of a tree.

The Queen: Maybe we could move it...
Attenborough: Depends whether you want to know the time or not.
The Queen: Best leave it be then, as a joke. The best jokes are timeless, after all.

What's the best place to organise a pig race?

BuckingHam Palace!

Sir John and Chung Lee walking in front of the Buckingham palace

Chung Lee says: "When I see all these flags, my heart fills with joy!"
Sir John:"But you are a Chinese national only visiting the United Kingdom, how so?"
Chung Lee:"Did you ever read the labels on the flags?!"

What do you call the prince of england's donger?

The buckingham phallus.

I was the queens hairdresser

I was the queen's hairdresser, I parked outside Buckingham palace and a policeman said "have you got a permit" I said " no just take a bit off the back"

TIL the Royal Printer of Buckingham Palace

Prints Charles' emails

Why do the guards at Buckingham Palace look so tired?

They've been working round the clock.

Did you hear about the man who did 4 bicycle laps round Buckingham Palace?

He was awarded the pedal of honour

What did Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac call his workout supplement store?

"You can go your own whey, go your own whey"

The Chinese President stayed overnight at Buckingham Palace.

He really proved that he was a man of steel.

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