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How much did the pirate pay to have his ears pierced?

A buccaneer :D

How much does it cost a pirate to get his ear pierced?

A buccaneer.

"I say Long John Silver, I really like your earrings, how much were they?"

"2 dollars"
"They're not bad at all for a buccaneer".

Buccaneer joke, "I say Long John Silver, I really like your earrings, how much were they?"

How much did the pirate pay for his piercings?

A buccaneer

What do pirate farmers charge for their corn?

A buccaneer

How much do pirates pay to get an earring?

A Buccaneer.

The very first joke I ever learned as a kid.

How much does it cost for a pirate to get his ears pierced?

A Buccaneer.

(Wah, wah, wah, waaaaahhhhh)

Buccaneer joke, The very first joke I ever learned as a kid.

What did Black Beard's Otolaryngologist charge for his services?

A Buccaneer!

I've decided to start a buisness selling hearing aids to pirates

I'm going to charge a buccaneer

Down at the farmers market and a man dress as a pirate was selling corn for 1$

It was a buccaneer

How much do pirates pay for corn?

A buccaneer.

Nah, just kidding... they just steal it.

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How much did the pirate's new earrings cost him?

A buccaneer

What do you call a pirate that sells corn for a dollar?

A buccaneer

Say, sailor...

Say, sailor, nice earrings! How much were they?
Not bad for a buccaneer.

What does Pirates of the Caribbean have in common with corn?

They're both about a buccaneer.

I'm writing a story about a Pirate who sells corn...

It's about a buccaneer.

Buccaneer joke, I'm writing a story about a Pirate who sells corn...

How much does a pirate sell his corn for?

A buccaneer

So a pirate wants to get his ears pierced...

He goes to the mall where he finds an ear piercing kiosk and asks the girl how much it would cost. The girl turns and says, "Oh hi! It's a buccaneer!"

Bought some corn from a roadside pirate.

It was a buccaneer.

There's always a queue for piercings at Pirate Bill's tattoo parlour. Great value.

He's a buccaneer

Why did the hearing aid salesman quit his job for a life of piracy?

Because he only ever made a good Buccaneer

Did you hear about the pirate captain selling cheap corn?

It was a buccaneer.

What does a pirate, who sells corn, charge for his product?

A buccaneer

What do buccaneers let off on bonfire night?


How much does pirate corn cost?

A buccaneer.

I'll see myself out...

How much do pirates charge for corn?

A Buccaneer

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