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He was such a brutal fighter that, after slaying the tigress in the arena, he proceeded to devour her flesh. And he felt no remorse.

He was Gladiator.

Did you know that Brutus killed Caeser over a game of Battleship?

Caeser's final words were: "E-2, Brute?"

What did Brutus say when Caesar ask him to do something

I'll take a stab at it

Brut joke, What did Brutus say when Caesar ask him to do something

Et tu, Brute?

You sunk my battleship!

How does Brutus eat his salad?

With a knife and Caesar dressing.

My GF was brutal when we moved. Told me anything not used in the past 6 months had to go...

I just looked down and gave my condolences

Brute tries to kill Caesar.

But Caesar's not home. They ask the servant, "Where is Caesar?"

"He's just Roman"

Brut joke, Brute tries to kill Caesar.

A2, Brute?

(At the Roman Theatre)

Brutus: Wait, which one's my seat again?

Julius (sighs) : A2, Brute.

Brutus asked Caesar, "How many pieces of pizza have you eaten?"

"Ate two, Brute."

Brutus: "What time is it?"

Caesar: "8:02 Brute"

How many bruthas does it take to clean a kitchen?

None, that's women's work!

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