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A blonde and two brunettes had to climb 100 stairs without laughing

On each stair they were told a joke, and they got funnier every stair higher.

The first brunette only made it to the first stair.

The second brunette made it to the fifth stair before she laughed.

The blonde slowly made her way up all the stairs, until finally she was at the 99th stair, where she let out a chuckle.

The brunettes, in awe of how well she did, asked her why she laughed.

She replied I finally got the first joke

2 blondes, 2 brunettes, and 2 redheads walk into a bar. The 2 blondes say "hello" to the bartender...

The 4 Non Blondes say "WHAT'S GOING ON!"

If a woman likes you, you can tell her real hair colour from how it feels. Blondes touch you hard, brunettes touch you fast, redheads touch you...


Did you hear about the war between the blondes and the brunettes?

The blondes were throwing hand grenades, and the brunettes were pulling the pins and throwing them back.

What do you get when you turn 4 blondes upside down?

4 brunettes

Three brunettes and a redhead walk in to a bar.

A guy at the bar says "Hey, what's going on?"

Where do all blonde jokes come from?

Brunettes sitting around on a Saturday night.

Why do brunettes color their hair blonde?

So people will say "look at that blonde girl!", instead of "look at that fat girl!".

Who gives better head; blondes, brunettes or gingers?

Gingers, because they will suck the soul out of you!!!

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