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Today i have met the vegetarian brother of Bruce Lee

Brocco Lee

Hear that Bruce Lee had a vegetarian son?

Brock Lee.

I met Bruce Lee's vegetarian brother

Broco Lee

What do Bruce Lee and the Donkey from Shrek have in common?

They have both entered the dragon.

Why is Bruce Lee so good at telling jokes?

Because if his punch line doesn't work, you still get a kick out of it.

What was Bruce Lees vegetarian brothers name?

Broco Lee

Did you know Bruce Lee had a son other than Brandon? He was a famous vegetarian.

His name was Brock.

Bruce Lee was fast

But his brother, Sudden, was faster.

At the Burger King drive through I said I'll have Bruce Lee's favorite burger please

The cashier said what's that?

So I said A whopaaaaaaaa

Bruce lee was fast but do you know about his even faster brother?

Sudden Lee

Bruce Lee walks into a bar...

And the bartender goes: "Woah! You're Bruce Lee! What can I get for you?"


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Bruce Lee had a Vegan Brother

His name was Broco Lee

What does Bruce Lee order in Burger King?


I met Bruce Lee's vegan brother today.

His name is Brocko Lee.

What is Bruce Lee's favorite drink?


you know what Bruce Lee's favorite drink was?


What does Bruce Lee order at Burger King?


How do you call Bruce Lee's vegan cousin?

Broco Lee

Who is the vegan cousin of Bruce Lee?


I've just discovered Bruce Lee had a vegetarian brother…

Broco Lee

I just found out that Bruce Lee had a vegan brother

Broco Lee

What's the name of Bruce Lee's vegetarian cousin?


Bruce Lee's favorite drink


Bruce Lee had a vegan brother

Brock Lee

What's Bruce Lee's favorite car?


What do you get when you cross Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris?

Beat up.

What's Bruce Lee's favorite drink?


Bruce Lee had a vegetarian brother...

His name was Broco Lee.

What's the difference between an open box of stinky cheese and a Kung Fu master?

One is loose brie and the other is Bruce Lee

What is Bruce Lee's beverage of choice?


What does a trebuchet in a convent and Bruce Lee have in common?

They're both nunchuckers.

Yes lame but it's OC

So I heard that Bruce Lee had children


What is Bruce Lee's favourite drink?


What was Bruce Lee's beverage of choice?


Did you know Bruce Lee had a faster younger brother?

Did you know Bruce Lee had a faster younger brother?

Sudden Lee.

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