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  1. Chris Christie's name... Is so dumb to me. It's just the male and female version of the same name. Like
    Eric Erica
    Daniel Danielle
    or Bruce Caitlyn
  2. What did the producer say after seeing Caitlyn Jenner's audition for a Marvel movie role? "Cast her as the Hulk. She's been Bruce before."
  3. The Last Time I can Make this Joke I happy to see Caitlyn Jenner is happy, but I was disappointed she did not go with the name I suggested- Bruce Jennerfer.
  4. Patriots Now and Then Comparing the Patriots now vs the Patriots at the beginning of the season is like comparing Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner: Pieces are missing.
  5. Jenner If Bruce(now) Caitlyn Jenner is kidnapped, do they put his picture on the side of a half & half bottle?
  6. Why is Bruce's transitioning to Caitlyn acceptable ? Because we live in a new Jenneration.
  7. Caitlyn Jenner is filing a Lawsuit for s**... Harassment... Claims that she's Constantly being Groped by Bruce Jenner.
  8. Caitlyn Jenner just became the latest to expose another s**... harasser. She is alleging Bruce Jenner groped her about 10 years ago.
  9. In a family of Kardashians.... Bruce went with Caitlyn with a "C". That's a capital k**... move.

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  1. Caitlyn Jenner came out today and said she was groped by Bruce Jenner over several years
  2. I saw leaked footage of Finding Dory yesterday Bruce the shark is now called Caitlyn.
  3. Caitlyn Jenner has been charged with manslaughter... Bruce is dead.
  4. How many genders are there? There are 2. Bruce gender and Caitlyn gender.
  5. BREAKING: Caitlyn Jenner says Bruce has fondled her for over 50 years.
  6. I had to neuter my dog today... his name was Bruce but now I call him Caitlyn.

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