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  1. How do you get Batman into the Marvel Universe? Hang him on the wall. Now he's a Bruce Banner.
  2. Joke from my daughter. What is bruce banners favourite kind of potato?
    no idea where she picked it up from, but it made me chuckle
  3. If I were Bruce Banner's son, the Incredible Hulk wouldn't exist I'm not angry…I'm just disappointed
  4. What's the difference between bruce banner and bruce jenner? One turned into a terrifying monster, the other is an avenger.
  5. Did you hear about Bruce Banner losing his temper at the Avengers' pool party? He made a Hulk Splash
  6. What's the M0D's name before they're triggered; turning into a furious, putrid, lump of blubber? Bruce Banner
  7. Bruce Banner needed to turn into the Hulk on short notice. So, he had this sub saved on his iPhone.
  8. Why does Bruce Banner have Fifty Shades of Grey on his iPhone? Because he needs something to get him angry enough to turn him into the Hulk on short notice.
  9. What's the difference between me and Bruce Banner ? When Bruce Banner gets angry, he becomes "The Incredible Hulk".
    When I get angry, I am just called "An Incredible Sulk".
  10. When Bruce Banner's angry he turn into the Hulk.
    When the Hulk's angry he turns into Chuck Norris

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Bruce Banner One Liners

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  1. If Dr. Bruce Banner always cites his sources Does that make him the credible hulk?
  2. What does a Bruce Banner cake turn into when covered in green fondant? The Inedible Hulk.
  3. Why is Bruce Banner always sad? Because he always stars to hulk
  4. What frat is Bruce Banner part of? Gamma Gamma Gamma.
  5. banks hate doctor Bruce Banner. Since he's incredible hulk.
  6. The Avengers all went for dinner. What did Bruce Banner have? HULK'S MASH!
  7. What did Bruce Banner get after having s**... with as p**...? a HULK RASH!!!!
  8. Why don't you ever see Bruce Banner driving a car? Hulk c**...!!!
  9. If Bruce Banner becomes t**..., which organization will he join ? Hulk - aida...

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