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I asked my doctor if I have OCD because of my compulsive cleaning.

Apparently cleaning your browser history does not count.

The company that makes the Opera browser have asked Sir Patrick Stewart to redesign their logo

They want him to make its O.

Why couldn't Super Mario surf the web?

Because Browser wouldn't let him.

Browser History: Man vs. Woman

Woman's Browser History:

Makeup Tutorial
Makeup Tutorial
Makeup Tutorial
Makeup Tutorial

Man's Browser History:


jokes about browser

Microsoft's new browser Spartan refers to the amount of people who will use it.


Full credit to my friend on this one. Told him of the r**... spartan post(can't find it sorry) and he came up with this gold.

I recently told my girlfriend about removing the cookies and site data because it slows down the browser speed...

Now she understands why I delete the browsing history everyday.

Why was the Jew's browser running so slow?

he refused to delete his cache.

Browser joke, Why was the Jew's browser running so slow?

Internet Explorer

Chrome and Firefox are popular web browsers.
Internet Explorer is the most popular web browser to install Chrome or Firefox with.

Internet Explorer is actually my favorite browser..

To download other browsers with

Abraham Lincoln, 1863

-Morgan Freeman

When my girlfriend dumped me she said part of the reason was that I was always too busy for her...

...and the rest, as they they, is browser history.

Zelda is a web browser

Because Link appears in it.

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TIL that, on a Windows computer, your browser will become transparent if you press Alt+f4

Just kidding, it's actually Ctrl+W

What's a Warboy's from Mad Max's favourite web browser?


What is Mario's favorite search browser?

(I will leave now)

Internet Explorer is the best browser...

to download another browser.

Internet Explorer. The number one browser.....

For downloading other browsers.

Browser joke, Internet Explorer. The number one browser.....

Did you hear that Google has tied every single one of their programs to their browser?

I guess you could say that *all codes lead to Chrome*.

All these news stations hope for unity regardless of who wins...

But i dont think either cantidate plays browser games.

Internet explorer...

The best browser for downloading a new browser

Happy New Year 2016!

Have I mentioned Internet Explorer is a great browser?

Browser joke

What do we want?
Chrome/Firefox: Faster internet!
When do we want it?
Internet explorer: Faster internet!

I'm not panicking yet about ISPs selling my browser history to advertising companies...

On the other hand, when they offer to sell my browsing history to my wife, that would be the appropriate time to panic!

How does one find the best internet browser?

I dunno, google it!

What browser do Linkin Park use?

Microsoft Edge

I don't really appreciate jokes about Microsoft's new browser.

They're too Edgy for me.

We can learn so much from Internet explorer.

Even if it's clicked on by accident still it never fails to aspire to be the default browser.

Browser joke, We can learn so much from Internet explorer.

My wife asked me why I never go to Confession.

I told her I just clear my browser history when I want to wash away my sins.

Internet explorer is the best web browser

For when you need to download Chrome and Firefox.

What did one web browser say to another during a fight?

Cache me outside, how bout dat.

What's the surest way to turn your partner off during s**...?

Close your browser.

How did Rey exit out of her glitching web browser?

Force quit.

What internet browser do the Chicago Bears use?


I was standing just next to Aj1t Pa1 when he was using Tor Browser ...

I peeked at his PornHub account and his username was AJ1T_3.14Inches

[Spoiler] Do you know that Nick Fury was sending a signal from his Pager to

clear the browser history before he dies.

I'm so annoyed at how much Microsoft tries to make me use their browser...

It's pushing me to the Edge

There must be flat-earthers at Microsoft.

Or why would one call a browser for the worldwide web Edge?

I don't have to worry about my browser history anymore

Whatever I search comes back as Facebook Ads

Patience is waiting for your browser to scroll back

from the Tabocene, or mostly new tabs, to the Pretabrian era you started about a month ago.

i uninstalled reddit to be less distracted and more productive with my time.

thats why im posting this from my browser now

I've been learning to use a new web browser lately, but my teacher is being really harsh to me.

He's my Tor-mentor.

I got my Covid shot today. I feel fine, except...

I have this strange urge to change my browser to Edge.

I get anxious whenever I have to use the default Microsoft web browser

Using Firefox helps take the *Edge* off.

I looked at my friends browser history and saw that he searched 'How to kill myself'

I still don't know what drove him to the Edge

Right now my brain is like a web browser.

I've got 21 tabs open. 5 of them have crashed, and I can't work out where the music is coming from.

What you call when you delete Microsoft Edge browser from your computer?

Cutting Edge technology!

What did the baker say to the browser in his store?

Do you accept cookies?

Instagram and Chrome are going shopping

Instagram: Aren't you going to buy anything?

Chrome: Nah, I'm a browser.

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