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There's something really addictive about Brownies...

... I think it's their exotic accent.

Last night I made brownies and I ate the whole tray.

This morning, I made a few more.

I tried pot brownies for the first time yesterday

They tasted funny, since you usually cook brownies in a pan instead of a pot.

Brownies joke, I tried pot brownies for the first time yesterday

How many of those brownies did you eat, private?

"All of them sir!"

"That was my stash private."

"Negative sir it was labeled private!"

I just burned 2000 calories.

I'll never again leave my brownies in the oven while I nap.

What's blue and gold and comes in brownies?

Cub Scouts.

I made you brownies

Me - I made you apology brownies.

Her - Oh... I don't like chocolate.

Me - I know, I'm not that sorry.

Brownies joke, I made you brownies

What do a plate of homemade brownies and a golden shower have in common?

Urine for a treat.

What do steaks and pot brownies have in common?

If you eat either of them in India you'll get stoned.

LGBT Girl Scout Leader Arrested

She was thrown in jail for eating Brownies.

Why did the computer programmer put his brownies back in the oven?

They were too GUI.

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What places have the least racial tensions?

Bakeries, there are brownies and crackers there and yet they never fight.

A stoner ate too many pot brownies...

He contracted Hiabetes.

What did one hash brownie say to the other?

We're so baked.

What did the stoner say to his friend?

I'm so high,I can hear the brownies talking to each other.

So everyone's at the Last Supper...

... and Jesus is speaking to his disciples.

He says "Take this bread, for it is my body. Take this wine, for it is my blood."

Then Peter turns to Paul and whispers "Don't eat the brownies!"

I had pot brownies for the first time last week.

I guess the baker was out of pans.

Brownies joke, I had pot brownies for the first time last week.

A bunch of my friends told me pot brownies are awesome and I should try some.

I dont know what they're talking about cause all I got is a headache and a clogged bong.

My roommate gets really mad at me when I lick the Brownies...

He says the Girl Scouts are WAY less likely to tell their parents

Whatcha call a bunch of special ed kids on pot brownies?

High rollers

Just burned 2,000 calories.

That's the last time I leave brownies in the oven while I nap.

I just burned 2,000 calories in a few hours.

That's the last time I take a nap while baking brownies.

I like my women like I like my brownies...

Moist and flakey.

I burned 2000 calories today.

Last time I take a nap with brownies in the oven.

I ate a couple brownies the other day

Now I'm not allowed back at the girlscout meetings anymore

Pot Brownies

You bake pot brownies, and then pot brownies bake you.

Most people like their eggs fried or scrambled, I like mine baked...

in cookies, brownies and cake.

[NSFW] Why did Roy Moore never miss a local Girl Scouts' meeting?

Because Brownies are delicious.

What does a white supremacist eat at birthdays?

KKKake. No brownies allowed though.

As a Boy Scout, I failed my cooking badge.

I kept eating the Brownies before they were ready.

The brownies I started making in my easy bake oven in 1987

are done if anyone wants some.

Why did the Peeled banana identify as a twin tower?

Because my mom made me brownies last night and she said go to bed after that so then I took a shower and prayed to shrek to rape me

I burned 3000 calories today.

I really should have taken those brownies out of the oven sooner.

Burning fat

Person 1:
I just burned 2000 calories in 20 minutes
Person 2: How?

Person 1: I forgot to take my brownies out of the oven.

What do brownies and vaginas have in common?

Nothing worse than a dry one

It's a good thing Hitler didn't kill more black people.

Because I'd feel awful every time I said I wanted to bake brownies.

A dude at my school planned to feed pot brownies to some cows

Man where those stakes high.

I just burned 3,000 calories!!

My fault for leaving my brownies in the oven while I took a nap though.

I just burned 2000 calories in 20 minutes.

Friend: How?

Me: I forgot to take my brownies out of the oven.

My wife burned 8,000 calories yesterday...

because she left the brownies in the oven too long!

Everyone's heard of weed brownies.

But of a buddy of mine recently had a fierce competition on injecting hemp oil into rib eyes and who could cook the better piece.

Boy I'll tell you… the steaks were high.

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