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After 6 months (or so) of listening to people talk with masks on

I finally understand what Charlie Browns teacher was saying

How to tell whether someone is an idiot

Doctor, how can you tell whether someone is an idiot, even if he looks normal to you?

For that, we have special questions.

Can you name an example?

Mountaineer Brown climbed Mount Everest three times but he was killed during one of these ascents. Can you tell me which one?

But doctor, that surely won't work for people like me who know nothing about mountaineering.

I absolutely can not stand Brown people.

It's just that I had an ex graduate from there and she was super pretentious.

People can be so easy to read... if their face is red, they're embarrassed. Or if their skin is brown, they're about to commit a crime.

So there's this magical mountain...

...where people jump off, and land in a pool of whatever they yell. There are three chicks, a brown-haired girl, and brunette, and a blonde. The brown-haired girl jumps, and yells "CANDY!", and lands in a huge pool of candy. The brunette jumps off and yells "MONEY!", and lands in a pool of money. The blonde jumps and yells "CANNONBALL!".

As a brown person in the US...

People would yell at me to get out of their country and I would get offended and feel attacked.

After election 2016, I just reply, "thanks for the concern! You should too!"

Im surprised that not many people know of Arthur the brown nosed reindeer

He's just as fast as Rudolf. He just has issues stopping in time.

Does anyone know why people are buying Chris Brown's new album?

Because it beats me.

I don't get why people say xxxtentacion is so revolutionary.

Chris brown beat him to it.

An upset parent walks up to the coach of a local minor league's baseball team, "Excuse me, sir, but don't you think 'The Browns' is a racist name to have for the team?"

The coach replies, "what? No, the name is simply because the uniforms are brown. In fact, to avoid any signs of racism with the name, we don't allow any brown people on the team."

Michael Brown, Freddie Gray...

The police really don't like colored people.

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Just like people, I never judge a book by its cover...

Unless that cover is brown. In which case I roll up my windows and lock my car doors.

The Browns asked if they could put a pokestop inside the stadium...

in hopes that people would attend their games.

What do you call two brown people in a sleeping bag?


Some people think chocolate milk only comes from brown cows.

I guess they think it doesn't come from any udders.

Why do Afghan people have light brown skin?

Because Afghan is tan

Why can't you play Uno with brown people?

They steal all the green cards :/

I am writing books about a boy who goes around accusing people of crimes based on anonymous testimony.

I'm calling it *Wikipedia Brown *.

People are like onions.

White are best, followed by yellow, red, brown, and black are rotten.

Not many people know that you're supposed to scramble brown eggs differently than you do white ones

It's different strokes for different yolks

Never seen a white man cry?

Brown people Zeep

Most people will have a hard time naming even a single female boxer off the top of their head.

I myself only know of Chris Brown.

Two people have crushed the notion of "a healthy mind in a healthy body" ...

Chris Brown and Stephen Hawking ...

I don't know why people think Rihanna has a black eye.

Looks Brown to me.

Freddy Gray and Michael Brown

Sounds like they really are killing people of color


People think that there are nutritional differences between white eggs and brown eggs. but honestly there isnt, it's kind of like white kids and black kids.

They all taste the same.

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