Top 10 brothel Jokes

What do you call children born in whorehouses?

Brothel sprouts

A Portuguese, a Greek, and a Spaniard go into a brothel. Who pays?


What does the sign of an out of business brothel say?

Beat it. We're closed.

Would the person who schedules the girls at a brothel... called the whore-ganizer?

Barack and Trump found themselves at a local barbershop. As the barbers finished their shaves, the one who had Trump reached for the aftershave. Donald was quick to stop him, saying, "No thanks. My wife, will smell that and think I've been in a brothel."

The second barber turned to Barack and said, "How about you, Mr. Obama?" Barack replied, "Go right ahead, my wife doesn't know what the inside of a brothel smells like.

I'm building a brothel for lesbians.

No studs in the building, it's all tongue and groove.

What do you call 4 sheep tied to a fence in Wales?

A Brothel :D

I went to a brothel and met a prostitute

I asked her what are the prices?
She said:

£20 for a hand job

£50 for a blow job

£80 for sex

And for £120, i'll do anything!

Anything hmmm....

She's now fitting my downstairs bathroom and repainting my living room.

You can ge some real bargains if you shop around!


And with tears streaming down my face, I swore I'd never visit another Thai Brothel...

I tried to go to the brothel today but there was a sign on the door

It said "Beat it, we're closed."

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