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When you go to Brooklyn always bring a camera, because there are many things in Brooklyn that you will see, then never see again in your life...

Starting with that camera.

Brooks Brothers just filed for bankruptcy

so now I might never be able to use this $50 gift card on one sock.

What do Brooklyn and tight jeans have in common?


What do you call a preppy girl with a speech impediment?

A babbling Brook

Who is a Brooklyn dog's favorite composer?


Bach Bach

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I thought it was Franz Beckenbauer's opinion on whether David Beckham's son would make it as a footballer.

What's a Brooklyn contractors favorite dance?


Brook joke, What's a Brooklyn contractors favorite dance?

What do you get when you cross a river and a small brook.

Wet feet!

The brook had some plain old thing to ask the pond

"Water you doing?"

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