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I asked my chemist friend if it took him 4 years to get his degree...

He said "Sodium Bromate."


What does an Australian chemist call is bro?


Sorry, just studying my poly atomic ions and thought I was clever. I thought wrong


I asked a guy if he knew what the chemical formula was for Sodium Bromate...

He said NaBrO3


Someone asked me if I smoked

I said sodium Bromate

Cuz NaBrO


Hope you liked my joke! Let me know if you think you've seen it before. I thought I came up with it but these Jokes are common and I'm not clever enough so I possibly read it somewhere

Either way hope you liked it!


My friend asked me if i want some Sodium Bromate.

But I said : "NaBrO"


How does a chemist refuse a request?

With sodium bromate.


Bad Science Joke

A high school science teacher is ordering supplies for his class online, but he can't find one particular compound. So he calls the store. "Excuse me sir," says he, "But do you by chance carry Sodium Bromate?" The store owner replies, "Na-BrO"


Why is BrO3 the nicest compound?

It calls everyone Bromate.


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