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Yo mama so fat...

I pictured her in my head and broke my neck.

It wasn't fun when I broke my neck in an accident a few months ago.

But now I can look back and laugh.

I'm getting really sick of all the Holocaust jokes...

My great grandfather died at Auschwitz, so I find these jokes really offensive. Granted, he fell out of a guard tower and broke his neck, but I think that still counts.

"Could we change the topic, please?"

Two german friends chat and soon they come to the topic of the Holocaust. One of them then looks very sad and asks his friend: "Could we change the topic, please? I've never told you, but my grandpa died in Ausschwitz."
The other responds: "Sure, man, no problem. But may I ask you, how did your grandfather die?"
"Well, one day he got really drunk, fell from a watchtower and broke his neck..."

How did the guitarist die?

He crashed his pickup into a bridge and broke his neck.

I still remember the last thing my grandfather said before he kicked the bucket. He said: "Hey, I wonder how far I can kick this bucket."

Yep, he really put his whole body weight into that kick. So when I moved the bucket last second he fell and broke his neck.

Mother in law and stairs

Two old friends meet each other after a long time:

A: Oh hey, what's new?

B: Nothing much, my mother in law died.

A: Oh really, damn, how?

B: She went downstairs to the basement to get some potatoes for lunch, fell and broke her neck.

A: That's tragic, what did you do then?

B: We ordered pizza.

George HW Bush fell and broke his neck today

It's in the news. Today George HW Bush fell and broke his neck at home in Maine. Fox news is blaming it on Hillary. Donald Trump said his Mexican Maid pushed him down the stairs.


I told you that feeding your husband all that dog food would finally kill him!

It wasn't the Alpo, he broke his neck trying to lick his balls.

Best year of my life!

Last year was the best year of my life. Broke my neck and I have never looked back since.

"Hey Joe, I heard your mother-in-law died!"

"Well yes, that's true, Bob."

"What'd she have?"

"Just a small amount of money and a lot of old books"

"No, I mean, what was wrong?"

"Well, she hadn't written her will and testament yet."

"Not that! I mean, how'd she die?

"Ooh... Well, we were having dinner at her place, she went to the basement to get some potatoes, she fell down, and she broke her neck."

"Ouch. And what did you do when that happened?"

"We got pizzas."

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Yo mama so fat I thought of her in my head and I broke my neck.

My girlfriend broke up with me after I snapped her neck

She'd prefer if I snapped pictures of her face, but either way, "snapchat is dead like our relationship so goodbye."

People always keep making jokes about how people died in the Holocaust, my grandpa died during the Holocaust.

He fell off of a guard tower and broke his neck.

Bush Senior broke his neck

He was trying to show Jeb Bush how to dodge wrenches, hey Jeb if George can dog a shoe then I can dog wrench!

A man relaxing on a nudist beach...

... when a little girl comes up to him and asks "What's that?" pointing at his crotch. The man replies "Well that's my bird". The little girl runs off to play and the man falls asleep.

A little while later the man wakes up screaming in pain. He looks around and see the little girl standing there. "What'd you do?" he shouts. The little girl replies "Well I was playing with the birdy and it spat at me. So I broke its neck, crushed its eggs, and set its nest on fire."

Did you hear about the guy that broke his neck at the golf course?

.... he slipped and fell off the ball washer


So I'm sitting there, talking to my friend about the price of buying new York city. When out of nowhere, this girl screams out "OH MY GOD ITS A GOLF CLUB" now naturally, being the stupid person I am, immediately snap my neck 90° and feel my bones shatter. So I scream "gosh darn I broke my neck over a golf club".

Turns out someone got a golf club stabbed through their chest.

I guess it was a real shattering experience for me!

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