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At 70, she still had a body like an hourglass

Brittle and full of sand

My friend brought his wife into the pub and he asked me if i thought she was beautiful.

I said 'She's lovely, a great match for you. Got cracking legs matey'

he said: 'Thanks, that's her brittle bone syndrome'

Have you heard about Gandhi?

Gandhi walked around a bunch and built up giant callouses on the bottoms of his feet. He fasted a bunch which gave his bones a rather fragile brittle nature. He was a spiritual man, a mystic to many people. And he had a strange diet of green tea and white rice which gave him constant bad breath.

So **tl;dr** Gandhi was a super-calloused, fragile mystic, vexed with halitosis.

Gandhi, as you know, would walk barefoot everywhere...

...and as a result he developed these massive callouses on his feet. He would also fast, from time to time. Because of this lack of food his bones became extremely brittle. It would also give him hallucinations from time to time. Finally, Gandhi never really had the time to clean his teeth and he became cursed with really bad breath.

In summary, Gandhi was a super-calloused fragile mystic plagued with halitosis.

My brother said his pasta tasted weak and brittle.

It seems to have a bad case of sauceteoporosis.

What candy do you give your wife before you get married?

Pre-nup brittle.

TIL that excessive consumption of raw egg white can cause brittle hair, rashes, fungal infection, and anemia...

I then imagined the hairless, hideous, and weak beast Gaston should have looked like.

Brittle joke, TIL that excessive consumption of raw egg white can cause brittle hair, rashes, fungal infection, an


Popular amongst those with brittle bones.

What do you call a riddle that is easy to crack?

A brittle.

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